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Hi all...anyone know if CocoCay or Nassau received any damage due to this recent storm?  I know there are no cruises for awhile but was just wondering.  I looked at the Nassau webcam and the port where Royal docks looks like everything is fine...but I believe CocoCay is a bit further North and I don't know of any webcams for that island.  Hoping all is in tact!

And...hoping this will be the last hurricane 🌧️ 🌀 of the season...yeah...wishful thinking, right??  😏

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I live in Fort Lauderdale and use several web based sources to track hurricanes. Isaias tracked well South of Nassau, went over Andros Island as a high end tropical storm then, tracking WNW, veered well West of Freeport and fell apart with max winds dropping to 55kts. Max winds at Andros island were recorded at 45 kts. I think Coco Cay is well to the NE of Andros Island and probably had little wind or rain impact. You can see the track at this web site but it takes a bit of work with menu features to display the historical track:


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