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I'm a  huge fan of giving credit where credit is due. If I find a rep that is stand out I really love to heap praise on them. If the experience is not so good I usually go gentle with the rep them self but go hard at the company as usually thats where the problem lies. Just got a survey request. Asking how "R" from their sales team did on an Indy booking. That booking was cancelled in April and was made a year before. The people at Next Cruise were , shall we say, less than forthcoming. They put me in a room I really didn't want after telling met the kind I wanted didn't exist where I wanted. Turns out there was exactly what we sought right next to the room we had just stayed in and wanted again! That shift cost me $400 in OBC for same sq' etc...  So that one wouldn't get real high marks. The one that handled our rooms upgrade on that one was beyond stellar. They would receive flowing accolades. IF it was one of the ones involved in post cancellation Refunds and FCC's  I would have tore into them about the company's handling, not the agent. 

Since I didn't know which person along the way they were asking about I gave neutral marks then in comments outlined pretty much as above described.  I think that was right thing to do? Not run any one individual under the bus, praise the one shining star in the process and blanket growl at the handling of my refunds and FCC's  Any suggestions on handling it differently??? 

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4 hours ago, Guy Gadwa said:

Sounds like you made a reasonable response to the survey.  I suspect the survey was for the most recent interaction with Royal but it is fair to compare the recent encounter with a previous one.

Usually I get a survey from a week or two interaction. If it refers to original booking this would be 15 months. Maybe7 months to the room upgrade and don't get me started after the cancellations... They were specific that this was an Indy Sailing... Since then A couple on Oasis and Harmony... Will be adding a b2b on indy and an Oasis soon but not yet...

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Every time I speak with the RC call centre on the number provided for the UK I am asked whether I will stay on the line afterwards to be transferred to complete a survey. Every time I agree to do so and every time I wait for 15 secs or so only for the line to then be disconnected.

I have raised this with the RC rep on each of the last few occasions and I am apparently not the only person to do so; however RC have not fixed it... I guess with all the challenges around refunds, FCCs, L&S etc, they feel they already have more feedback than they care for! 

Whatever the reason it is a real shame as the RC reps themselves have generally tried hard to help me and it would nice to be able to recognise this.

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