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Anyone tried the "Redeem Your Cruise Credit"

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Just wondering if anyone has tried the Redeem Your Cruise Credit on the RCCL website.  Seems easy, but I wonder if they will let me put some of my FCC towards the down payment online?  I have a new cruise on a courtesy hold, waiting for them to reissue some FCC that didn't really get used, because my Aug 29 cruise was cancelled.  I am thinking of trying it out, but really hoping my new FCC gets issued before July 15, when supposedly my courtesy hold runs out.

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This is where I think your MEI representative can be of great help. I had FCC in the craziest amounts, we are a family of 3 and I just pay for everything. Not realizing hubby was full boat and my daughter was less and I was 60% off I was physically ill thinking what did I do? I can't lose this money, etc. Sharla my MEI TA said she would take care of it, and she did. 

I don't work for MEI but recommend them highly, your rep will advocate for you and you will be in great hands, don't go it alone! AND I think they may be able to extend that hold until your FCC comes in. Good Luck!

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