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So I want to ask a purely observational, honest question. Why would you reschedule a cruise with no buffer?

I used to teach my godchildren, "just because you can...doesn't mean you should." Caveat...the fact that bookings are available holds no bearing; there is nothing wrong with them offering cruises, if they didn't they would be admitting defeat in the court of public opinion. In business the goal is not to cancel. That being said.........

I just want to know if I am missing something because while I understand hope, it shouldn't be without somewhat reasonable expectations. I guess in reality my true conundrum is an expectation of favoritism's due to loyalty. I say this because across multiple boards I read of guest upset with RCCI because they chose to rebook a cruise. We all knew the CDC had restrictions until July.....information is out there (if you book things without minimum research, that's on you)........yet people continued to book cruises. Then when May was cancelled, instead of booking late Aug/Sept, they booked June cruises...no buffer. Then not learning from their mistake, in my opinion, they rebooked in July and well....Aug, things don't look great. Also given how things change daily, why would people book in hopes of bonuses like higher FCC, only to complain about their money being tied up.

I definitely cannot wait to cruise, however I don't want to be stressed and worried about it being cancelled. Part of the fun is the planning, the joy of counting down, and when it gets to be those last few days that you know you are going to be cruising. So I would truly like to know why someone would only wait 30 days or less from possible starting dates.

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When our April Oasis sailing was cancelled we used that situation to book May, but didn’t stress out when it was cancelled, we just used it to book more later. When that May cruise was cancelled it was much clearer than this being a 6-8 week problem so we didn’t book anything for June or July. We only booked August because it was nearly free, same with October. 
We’re lucky enough that waiting on refunds doesn’t effect making more deposits so we’ve been able to take advantage of some very good deals and since March have booked 6 cruises before the end of next year. 

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I feel the same way too!  We aren't retired yet so we don't have the luxury to cruise multiple times a year; however, I really enjoy the planning that comes with cruising.  We decided to L&S our October 2020 New England-Canada cruise to next year, which turned out to be a good decision as they are now cancelled.  I really do wish that our cruise planner (UBP & Internet) purchases would have transferred.  I understand the excursions as those might change as those are 3rd party but the drink package and internet is all RCI. 

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