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Keeping up with the fine print....prime cruises

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I know it's my own fault for losing track of the fine print.......

Just did a lift and shift, after it was done I thought to myself...'Self....while you are on the phone, lets use that prime cert'

So give the nice lady reservation number 1 - ohhhh so sorry sir....that's a holiday cruise, can't use it.

So give the nice lady reservation number 2 - ohhhh so sorry sir.....that's a 9 night, only good for an 8 night.

So give the nice lady reservation number 3 - ohhhh so sorry sir.....that's the cruise you just 'lifted and shifted' and it was already past final payment even though you aren't going for another year and 60 days now, can't use it

But the good news is if I really wanted to I could trade it in for $500.

It's enough to make we gamble less at this point  😉


Just a little vent....I'm sure I'll end up booking yet another cruise I will use it on since they extended it into 2022...but jeeze....

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It would be nice....but the kids will have school so we have to cruise around their schedules.  in 2019 when we sailed for the holidays....they were off the week before Christmas so technically hadn't taken a holiday cruise...we got back on the 23rd or 24th...even though it felt like one.

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