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FCC, refund, or both...


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Just looking for confirmation before calling RCI.  We have evaluated the current covid-19 situation and finally decided to cancel our western Med family cruise for this summer.  Just can't see a good  chance that a July cruise with ports in Spain and Italy will be feasible.  And given circumstances, this was pretty much a one-time chance to get the family together which will not happen again in the near future.  The cruise is fully paid, still 3 weeks ahead of the final pay date  and booked with a non-refundable deposit.  My understanding is that by cancelling, we will get a refund to our credit card for all payments except the non-refundable deposit.  Under the "Cruise with Confidence" policy, will the deposit be returned as FCC?  Is this correct?  

Thanks for your help.

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At the moment if you cancel you are entitled to a refund of everything except the per person deposit (since you are before final payment due date).  If the deposit was $250 per person then your refund should be all of your payments to date minus $250 per person.  Of the $250, $100 per person is lost as a fee and $150 will be issued as an FCC per person.

I guessed you booked a 7 night cruise and the deposit was $250.  If it was a longer cruise then the deposit could be $450 per person.  If so the same rules apply, $100 lost as a fee, $350 in FCC per person.

If you choose to exercise the Cruise with Confidence program you will receive 100% FCC but allocated per person.  All of the named or booked people will receive some FCC regardless who paid for the cruise.  Only those people by name can use the FCC in the future.  If, as you suggest, it will be challenging to get all of these people to book another cruise then it's likely there will be some lost FCC since FCC is not transferable to other people.

While you and I see the cruise cost as X and the cost per person as X divided by the number of people, royal math works in strange ways.  I've seen FCC for each guest to be different with no rhyme or reason. Maybe guest 1 gets 43%, guest 2 gets 37% and guests 3 & 4 get 10% each, or maybe something wildly different.    If going forward guest 2 doesn't go on a future cruise and never cruises again then 37% is lost.  

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