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Disembarking ship


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Also, it depends on if you can self-disembark (in other words, take yourself and ALL your luggage off), or if you need your bags carried off for you.  

Self disembark can be done very early -- shortly after the ship docks. I've never done it, so I don't know exactly when you can leave. 

Otherwise, standard disembark, you are assigned a time (just so they can stagger the departures), although I believe you can ask them if you want to go earlier or later than the assigned time.  If you do that, most of your bags are left outside the room the evening before, with luggage tags they leave for you, and you disembark & pick them up after you go through customs.

For various reasons, we only do standard disembark, as late as we can, because we drive to the port, and travel with someone with medical issues, so "fast" is not in our wheelhouse, but many other people report being off the ship within 20 minutes of the earliest allowed time when they self disembark.  How many bags you have, how far the airport is from the cruise port, what time you have to be in the terminal for your flight home -- all these factors are important for choosing your flight home. 

Conventional wisdom suggests nothing earlier than noon/1pm, since any number of things can delay your being able to get off the ship, including late arrival, problems with retrieving your bags, traffic between the port & the airport, etc.

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