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1 hour ago, VirginiaLawson said:

 If they would skip it are they likely to take us to another port and refund funds for cococay? Sorry first time on RC 🙂 

Hi Virginia, welcome to the message boards!

I can share my experience with this and surely others will chime in. When we were on Mariner and missed Coco Cay due to weather we had a sea day. My excursions purchased for Coco Cay were immediately refunded.

I knew this was a possibility when I booked the cruise and had a plan B in place, so having reasonable expectations led me to have a great day even though we missed that port. As for guessing if you'll miss the port with the current forecast I can't say, but think it wise of you to explore that as a possibility! James VanFleet is RC's meteorologist (or similar) and sometimes posts on social media updates on weather that he's keeping an eye on.

I hope you make it if you're scheduled there and have a great day.

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@VirginiaLawson, also welcome to the blogs, Like PRebecca said, wind is not only a factor but like you asked, the wave height is as well, and its up to the Captain to make the call, so us bloggers can only speculate. I was able to see a forecast, and the wind and waves, do look elevated, to numbers similar to where people have posted that the stop was cancelled. I hope this doesn't happen to you, but if it does just roll with it and have a great sea day instead. Excursions will be refunded Unfortunately these are things that are beyond our control and we have to make the most of a crummy situation.

The way I see it is that a missed port is an opportunity to take another cruise in the future!

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