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Suite Benefits - Bridge, Galley & Backstage Tours


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10 minutes ago, amille69 said:

Has anyone done the Bridge, Galley & Backstage tour (specifically on Navigator)?  Is it worth doing for suite guests (at no charge I'm assuming)?

Yes.  They are very nice tours if you have never done one before.  I recommend all of them, but I don't know if they will allow you to do more than 1 per sailing.  I would say....galley, bridge and backstage, in that order.

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YMMV here. We did not get any tours on our Navigator Sailing and we were suite guests. We asked for a bridge tour while on Liberty last week, and were told no, and that the only way to get a tour was to book the All Access Ship tour which costs $$. The excuse given by the concierge was "security reasons"

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