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Deck 2 Oceanview Stateroom


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Using the "Apple-pay" hack, we just found out our GTY room is in the aft of deck 2 of the Independence of the Seas. My wife is a little anxious about this. Can anyone give us some pros/cons of being on deck 2 or just let us know what to expect that might be different there as compared to the room tours available on YouTube? 

Thanks in advance.

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Ocean view is a window. Probably round, over the headboard of the bed.

Being low in the ship generally means less motion. Think of a pendulum on a clock. The end closest to the clock moves less distance than the end further away from the clock. Motion is pretty much totally dependent on the ocean. Most of the time you never notice it, especially on the lower decks. That is why ice shows and theatrical productions are low in the ship. Less movement for cast to deal with.

Being low in the ship, at the stern, means you may hear more of the engines. Not really loud, just a back ground hum. The sounds of the ship machinery vs the ocean are just a little different compared to the upper decks where you are more apt to hear people, bands, the general hubbub of ship life. None of this is really loud or concerning, just a bit different. If you are really sensitive to night time noise, think about bring ear plugs. Otherwise, you may find it somewhat comforting or you may not even notice it. Overall you are more apt to be disturbed by the occasional loud passenger or door slamming in a hallway, no different that staying in any hotel.  You will be off the 'beaten path' so to speak and 'people noise' will most likely be less.

The distance from some venues will  be further. Pools will be further away though some food and shopping may be closer than if you were on the upper decks. With elevators it barely matters. If you like to take the stairs, you can get a bit of extra exercise.

Overall, I would say there is little to be concerned about. Enjoy your cruise.

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