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3 night dining plan - hibachi?


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2 hours ago, unsupermommy said:

I know you can get Izumi hibachi on the unlimited plan, but can we do it on a 3 night package?

Yes, but...

Izumi is a la carte, so you get $X each per visit to use (I think it's $35(?))...so it works a bit different than the non-a la carte specialty restaurants.

If you order $55 of food per person, you would have to pay $20 each at the restaurant...in the example above.

Personally, we find we get better mileage from non-a la carte restaurants with the dining package.

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I'm wondering about this too.  The Hibachi-side of Izumi isn't a la carte like the sushi-side is.  On my cruise on Allure last year it was $45pp and not included on any dining plans.  I've heard it's been added to some dining plans, and wondering which ones.  But also knowing how Hibachi reservations often sell out in advance because of the limited seating, I wonder how likely someone could reserve this on board as their 2nd or 3rd restaurant.

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