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Houston to Galveston Car Service Recommendation Request please


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We are a family of 5 (2 adults and 3 kids). We are flying into IAH on Saturday and then spending the night at a local hotel. I want to get a private SUV to take us to Galveston on Sunday. I did the estimate for our family and the costs are about the same for a private car vs shared shuttle. Has anyone used a car service and have a recommendation?  I don’t want to do Uber or Lyft because of the size of our group and 4 bags. 


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2 hours ago, BD1157 said:

We rented a car for the week and are parking right across from the terminal. Seemed to be about the same price as 5 transfers and

we booked a later departure flight on Sunday. By having a car you can drive around and see things. 

We did that last time.  It was great, but we have an early flight and we are flying into IAH and out of HOU so the extra fees actually have made it more expensive.  last year it was great and we took our kids to NASA (great deal and it was a lot of fun).

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5 minutes ago, cwilcox said:

I'm in the same boat with 5 people. I'd be interested to know what the quotes come to and who you go with. Please share!


We ended up going with Paul’s Towncar and Limo. I got a good feeling from them based on their quick communications, found good reviews online and their price was good. Around $200 each way (one from IAH and one to HOU) for a Suburban. This isn’t that much more than paying for shuttle passes, and we have it to ourselves. 

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