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RC Australia phone assistance problems common ??

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Currently having extreme difficulty getting any replies via email and no help over the phone in regards to a drink package exclusion for my partner . Has anyone got any helpful information on how to " shake the tree " . We have sent 2 emails as they requested and followed up by phone after their 72hr reponse promise . Any hints for a frustrated Aussie would be appreciated. 

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Thank you so much for the information.  Update just in , we have received email today from RCCL admin apologizing for the delay due to massive increase in requests for drinks package exemptions . They have apparently noted request on our reservation and now we are back to the 1800 phone fun . Hold onto your hats everyone,  we are now trying to get the 1 package at the discounted rate which luckily is still visible in our cart . Will update as soon as we know , good or bad .

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I've called RCI Australia a few times, with different responses.

One that comes to mind was... I had the brilliant idea that I could pay up $2000 AUD in OBC. I could then use this to purchase the beverage package for myself and my partner. If the price of the beverage package then went down, I could cancel, have the OBC instantly refunded, and then purchase at the lower price. The savings would then remain as OBC, which I could use for other purchases, or have refunded at the end of the cruise. Saves having to wait up to two weeks for the credit card refund.

The first time I called, I was told that would work, however I would need to call RCI if I wanted to use my pre-paid OBC for cruise planner purchases, as it would not show in the online cruise planner. No problem with that concept from my end. Discussed it with my partner, and we both decided it was the way to go.

Rang back the next day to execute the plan, only to be told that purchased OBC could only be used after boarding. Explained what the previous consultant had told me, but no dice.

So glad I double checked, or I would have made a big blunder and tied up $2K for nearly a year.

Main point... do more online research and don't trust what RCI tell you on the phone.

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