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Taste of Royal on Voyager

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Now available on December cruise planner..... lunch only... Taste of Royal AU 81.39 dollars +US19.99 wine pairing and 18 percent gratuity also to be added (each) for a four course lunch experience in the middle of a Queensland summer day.....  I just may give this one a miss and stick to lighter fare....states it is not available on package deals....If I was a real foodie I may be tempted as Wonderland.150 and Giovanni's  Italian kitchen are not available on Voyager....I will have to stick with Chops and the usual Giovanni's for dinner and bask in the sunshine during the day...It is also a good excuse to book another cruise where these restaurants are part of a package....at this exalted price for lunch in good old Aussie slang


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We paid $49.99 per person on the Oasis this past September. We met in the 150 for lunch on a sea day, it was a magnificent meal! We had someone at our table who had never eaten sushi, the sushi roll they served was beyond amazing! She said it was one of the best things she had ever eaten and was savoring every bite! The rest of the meal was absolutely delicious and actually changed my mind about eating at 150 since they have changed their affiliation with Michael Biard . Of course, we were thoroughly stuffed and by passed dinner! 

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