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Quantum of the Seas Drydock


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Hi all,

I’ve seen some details about the drydock with Quantum entered yesterday but I was wondering if anyone could add onto what I’ve seen?

I’m aware that it’s simply a five year refurb and not a royal amplification, but I read that a laser game and an escape room were in store. What have you heard?

Also, does anyone know of which broadway show will be on Quantum from next month onwards?

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Short of a highly pitched amplification there hasn't been a lot released by Royal with specifics.


Understand that the five year dry dock is a maritime requirement for technical maintenance.  All ships, cargo, container, tanker and cruise ship have to perform a 5 year dry dock.  The ship is removed from the water, the hull is cleaned of any marine growth, new anti-fouling paint is applied, seals replaced, bearings maintained, thrusters rebuilt, bilges cleaned, etc.  If they fail to do this every five years the ship would lose its rating to operate.  You can set a reminder in your calendar because there will be another dry dock by 2024, there has to be. 

Consequently the real reason for this dry dock is not to do anything in guest areas.  They only touch guest areas because the ship is there without any passengers so it's a convenient time to refresh guest areas.

Quantum is relatively new so she doesn't need massive amplification.  The work in guest areas won't be significant because she is still a relatively new ship.  They may replace carpet in areas, paint pools and fix broken floor tiles, update signage, upgrade computer systems, etc.  Mostly stuff no one would notice. 

Anthem is doing the same next year and like Quantum it isn't being amped.

Might they rebrand the concierge lounge as a suite lounge?  Possibly.  For the most part guests aren't going to see a lot of changes.

I'd be careful assuming she is getting a broadway show.  The latest trend is a Showgirl themed show but no one knows for sure.  If they do technical updates in Two70° maybe Quantum will get some of the new stuff Spectrum has in Two70°.  

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