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Took the $$ plunge on the Unlimited Beverage Package, so....What’s your favorite drink?

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On 10/11/2019 at 2:09 PM, CruisingCrewser said:

Not sure if we will purchase the DDP yet, but I am certain I will enjoy a few bourbons or scothces while on board. Does anyone know if the carry any top self  whiskies?

I can't speak to bourbons, but for scotch they're selection has become much better over the past couple of years - mostly in the pub, but if you ask the right person very nicely, they'll move bottles around.

We mostly drink Islays and were delighted they started carrying Ardbeg 10 and often Talisker 10.  They've got some Highland and Speyside offerings as well.  Here are a couple of the more recent (post addition of other scotches) pub menus from some ships in the fleet, which will also show you the bourbons.  

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On 10/10/2019 at 9:04 PM, melmar02 said:

I loved the Habanero Grapefruit Daiquiri on the Schooner Bar's menu! It was my go to drink for trivia there. 

I tried one of these before trivia started and couldn't think straight.  I am not sure I even wrote our team name on the paper. :4_joy:

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We love the frozen mojitos! 

When we sailed to Cuba, we drank cortaditos non-stop! (Think delicious Cuban coffee with a ton of sugar)


Don’t forget to get the most bang for your buck. The deluxe package includes (or at least did when we sailed in 2014 on Oasis) fresh juices from the spa. 

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