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Grand suite on Grandeur


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I know we have many GOS experts contributing, so I would like information on the dining benefits with a grand suite? I have seen references to breakfast and lunch in the specialty restaurants on certain days, but many of these are dated and may still not apply. I am trying to balance the GS benefits and costs with those of the Key for example.

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Full suites on Grandeur get breakfast every morning (exception for embarkation day) in Chops. The hours vary depending upon if it’s a sea day or a port day with sea days being slightly longer (open later) than port days. Grandeur has no Suites restaurant. There are no complimentary lunches for suites on Grandeur unless you purchase the Unlimited Dining Package.

With full suites you can order room service from the MDR during  regular operating hours but the GS does not have an inside dining table.  There is usually a small table and chairs outside on the balcony.

Grandeur still has a Concierge Lounge, as far as I know (although there had been talk about converting it over to a Suites Lounge) so you would be eligible to go there any time.  There are refreshments each evening from 4:30 - 8:00 (roughly....hours may vary). You will have a reserved seating section in the theater for shows.

You will not get with a GS (but would, with the Key) :

Carry on Luggage drop-off in the theater and delivery to your suite

Voom internet

Complimentary lunch on embarkation day at Chops (or in the MDR if it’s being served there).

I love Grandeur but I am not a huge fan of the locations of the full suites on the Vision Class ships.  They are all shoved way forward and are directly beneath the Windjammer. Last Christmas we were in a GS and noise from above was significant. 

If I were in a full suite I would not purchase The Key.

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Just now, Vagolferbob said:

Can we upgrade after final payment?

Yes, just know that you will be paying the prevailing rate.  Good luck with finding an available Suite after final payment. Nearly every Grandeur sailing I have ever been on has been sold out (particularly in Suites) long before final payment. If you really want a suite I would recommend you jump on it while there’s something available. 

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