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We're over 21 months out from our 4/24/21 Symphony cruise :51_scream:, but the cabanas at South Beach appear in the Cruise Planner already at $399.00... 

Is this a good price and should we strongly consider booking at this price in the near future? I see from other threads that the price of many of the Perfect Day cabanas and bungalows in other areas fluctuate radically (like $400 - $1,200+)!

Our only experience was recently at Nellie's beach where the over-the-water cabanas normally run around $579 unless there is a CP sale (took advantage of one at $521 😃).

I also understand, that unlike our Nellie's Beach cabana, they are not first come, first assigned (we got to pick our own since we arrived first). I read here that they are generally assigned randomly prior to arriving to the island, but you can go to the shore excursion desk early on and select any available cabana once onboard (Perfect Day is our last day of the cruise).

I see from the map that this would be a good location if we want to relax on the beach and still have close access to the Oasis Lagoon pool. We understand these are on the beach (not over the water like Labadee). Are these cabanas like the one we had at Nellie's Beach with 3 walls or bungalows with just the one back wall? Just curious since the description uses cabana and bungalow interchangeably. 

What do you think? Any negatives to the South Beach area (I see they just closed it to finish construction)?


Thanks in advance! :27_sunglasses:


This is how it appears in the CP for us:




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We have March of 2020 booked and the South Beach Cabanas were listed at the same price. 

I was checking regularly for a possible sale or drop in price and then from a Monday to a Wednesday in the same week it jumped to $499. So, I would suggest getting them ASAP and can always cancel and re-book if there is a price drop. 

Also, just as a reference, Oasis Lagoon and Chill Island Cabanas are currently listing on mine as $799 - they jumped up a few hundred during the same week as the South Beach. 

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I would take it at that price if you are interested in it at all just to lock in on the price.

I'm assuming the future location of the South Beach cabanas is going to be where the South Beach bungalows once were which isn't as close to the Oasis Lagoon as the cabanas that they show on the current map.  In March 2019 this was a much more remote and tranquil side of the island but it isn't as convenient to the Oasis Lagoon and food offerings as the Chill Island cabanas would be.

Now I'm not 100% this is where the cabanas will end up, but that area of the beach had plenty of room for cabanas.  The water was very shallow very far out and you could walk on sandbars waaay out into the water.

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