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Questions about the Deluxe Drink Pacakge

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Hi there - I'm going on my first ever cruise in Feb. 2020 on the Brilliance of the Seas ? I want to get the Deluxe drinks package because I think it will ultimately save me money on my trip, but I have a question. The info for the drinks package lists the types of alcohol/brands that are covered by the package, but I've noticed there are some specialty cocktails on the bar menus that are made with alcohols/brands of alcohol that are not on that list. This may seem like a silly question and I have a feeling that I already know the answer, but are some of the drinks on the bar menus not covered by the deluxe pacakge? I just don't want any surprises at the end of my trip and want to know if I should ask the bartenders what is covered by the package before I order. Thanks ?

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As @emsff02 started, drinks are covered to 12 (or actually 13 on Oasis class and sometimes they just copy those menus to other ships).  If you see a drink that says $15, then you can ask, but what they do is just charge you the extra 2 or 3 dollars and they will have you sign for it so you will know you are being charged.  The exception to this for me was on the majesty dining room when they asked me the first night of it was ok to charge extra for the wine I wanted and I said yes.  But in the bars, you always sign if it's more.  Hope this helps!  Jane

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