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Dining credit with booking

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Did you book on your own, or thru a TA?  My TA (thru AAA) has given us specialty dining vouchers, but what restaurant we used them at was up to us.  We also had BOGO on that cruise (Anthem), so were able to go to Wonderland, Chops & Jamies.  If it was that sort of thing, it's usually good for a meal at one of the specialty restaurants, NOT places like Ben & Jerry's, or the specialty coffee places on Cafe Promenade that charges extra for certain drinks & pastries.  I don't know if it would work at Johnny Rockets, mainly because even though that's extra cost, I don't think it is accorded "specialty dining".

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The vouchers that AAA offers are at least two types, lunch and dinner.  In our recent Harmony cruise, the lunch voucher had to be used on port days, so we used it Coco Cay, although Sabra's didn't open until 2PM.  The quantify of food was equivalent to a dinner.   The dinner voucher could be used on any night.  It is best to reserve times on the ship.  As for Johnny Rockets, some rooms like Boardwalk Balcony get a "free lunch", but that is only worth $5 so you wouldn't waste a prime-time voucher on it.  If not in that room, just pay the $$.  Please note there is no charge for JR at breakfast.  In fact, my tip is to try the Solarium for breakfast or JR to avoid the lines in the WindJammer.  For some reason the WJ on the Harmony has a single file line despite multiple hand-washing stations, so the lines can back up and often require a 5-10 minute wait.  Often only one side of the restaurant is open.  By the way, the AAA vouchers AREN'T loaded on the SeaPass. You should take your voucher to the restaurant in case they decide to keep it (records are kept electronically, however).

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