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Hello everyone!

My wife and I are planning a cruise on Enchantment later this summer. 

My wife is interested in fitness classes. I see there’s a 4 days or less pass option and a 5-7 day pass. We’re planning to do a 5 night cruise. Does anyone know if I can buy the 4 day or less pass? Does anyone have experience with fitness passes? 


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If I remember right, these passes are keyed to the length of your cruise and intended to give you access every day of the cruise including embarkation day. So you'd have to get the 5-7 night option if that's what's showing in your Cruise Planner.

If you really just want four days, one possibility might be to wait until you board, then check with the gym staff to see if those passes can be purchased after embarkation day at a pro-rated rate.

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Bravo for being so diligence and committed to your workout routine.  Better people than me for sure.  I am religious at home, but considered myself successful for going to the gym twice during my 7-night sailing.  I'm not familiar with the Class Pass, but there are certain free classes offered, however limited in nature, and will be found in the daily information sheet.  

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