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Cabin confusion

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I'm staying in a Spacious Oceanview w/o balcony on Freedom of the Seas. I was thrilled to find photos of what I thought was my room (7400) but they are confusing because obviously the 3rd is totally different from the others.  The 4th photo is a different room, but the wall is obviously slanted and the window is much smaller.  

Now I'm really trying to figure out what our room/view looks like.  

I was also trying to locate it from outside photos of the ship but that was a huge fail on my part.  

I know it's a long shot but has anyone stayed in this room?


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7 minutes ago, Kriazerie said:

It looks like the bottom photo is for cabin 9216. Also which ship are you looking at?

Yes,I stated that, but it's the same category so I added it to show how the wall slants in that room.  Freedom, I guess I should have mentioned it in the post itself and not just the tag.  I'll edit now.

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On 4/26/2019 at 2:37 PM, SpeedNoodles said:

Cabin 9216 is way up near the front of the ship, which is why it slants. Your cabin is aft, where the wall doesn't slant. Here's where 9216 is:

Thank you so much - that makes sense - thanks for the picture.  Now to try and scope out pictures of the aft rooms.  

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