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  1. We're sailing on Anthem for New Years in a Junior Suite. What do you think our chances for getting into Coastal Kitchen are? I've heard it's generally easier on Anthem than on Oasis class ships, but would the holiday sailing effect our chances?
  2. Benefit to having multiple cruises planned!!! We basically just bought packages for 3 cruises for the price of 1!!!
  3. Most places in the tourist areas of Mexico have filtration tanks which provide their ice and drinking water. But it's always good to ask!
  4. Are you talking about the purple coins or the gold ones?
  5. How did you get around the 2000 LP daily limit?!
  6. It just came in the cruise planner today for our June 17th sailing!
  7. I asked the Facebook team, they said it would not be covered 😔 Which makes no sense to me, but there you go
  8. Sweet! I'm surprising my gf with a beverage package, pretty sure she can make up the cost on frappucinos alone!
  9. Do the refreshment/deluxe beverage packages cover the Starbucks drinks at cafe promenade? If so,are there any limitations?
  10. I'm on Navigator in June and haven't seen anything for the escape room. Weird!
  11. It looks like the bottom photo is for cabin 9216. Also which ship are you looking at?
  12. 😹😹😹 not far from the truth!!!
  13. In the cruise planner for my 4 night Navigator sailing in June, the price.for the full day Waterpark and zip line was listed at 109 pp. But when I bought it, it was only 80 pp!!! Any idea why/how the price dropped so much when it was in my cart? (Not that I'm complaining!!!!)
  14. Thanks! From the cruise compass it looks like playmakers, the bamboo room, and Johnny rockets would be open for a late lunch if we wanted to get the most bang for our buck with the ultimate dining package. That's assuming the package works at those locations 😂
  15. My partner and I are going on a 4 night Navigator sailing in June. I'm wondering which bars/restaurants are open for lunch on Port days? Trying to see if the ultimate dining package is worth it for us.
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