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  1. I can't say for Christmas, but we were in Anthem this past New Years. It was a full ship, but the only lines we encountered were for My Time Dining. Everything else was manageable as long as you planned accordingly (try signature activities on port days!). For the actual NYE, the Promenade was packed. It made for a celebratory atmosphere, but was quite crowded, so we celebrated on our balcony. The cruise was amazing, and everyone was there to celebrate! We'd absolutely do it again
  2. Oh yes, a very dangerous game. Our first ever cruise was an interior on Majesty, where I learned I can't stand not having some kind of light. Next was a promenade interior on Navigator, where I learned I really need natural light over artificial. Then we were going to book an ocean balcony on Anthem, but the price for the JS was pretty good, so we snagged that. And now we have a JS on Allure, and a GS on Oasis and Symphony booked.... #suitesnob #whenthepriceisright
  3. We've been trying to contact the casino for a couple days now. We get through the automated process and are put on hold. But when the phone rings (as if someone had picked up) there's no answer. This has happened on both my phone and my girlfriend's phone. So far we've tried these numbers: 18885612234 18662133116 18665197225 We're getting the same problem on all numbers. Any ideas what's going on? Is this happening for everyone? Are there any other numbers or ways to contact the casino we can try?
  4. I do too. This seems more like curiosity than anything else. Thank you for being honest about your thoughts on the matter!
  5. Yes we were able to do this! The reason was that we were on a Southern Caribbean sailing on Freedom that embarked from San Juan in 2020, but they are not offering those sailings in 2021. So when we did L&S, since there wasn't an exact sailing to shift to, they allowed us to move to an Eastern Caribbean sailing on Symphony instead. Since you are in a similar situation, this should be allowed. We used a TA, which was incredibly helpful for us, since we didn't have to deal with RC agents directly
  6. Because rates are so low for june/July sailings, we upgraded our room on our original cruise. Then, once we had the upgrade, we lifted to a new sailing next year. For us, we originally had an OVB on Freedom for June 2020. We paid to upgrade that to a GS, still on Freedom. Then we shifted the whole booking to Symphony for June 2021.
  7. Wow! We got turned down when we called on the 15th. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try again until we get someone who might do it for us!
  8. WOOOHOOO Used L&S to upgrade our Southern Caribbean on Freedom from a balcony to a GS, then shifted to a Symphony Eastern Caribbean sailing!!! Basically getting a GS for HALF-PRICE!!!! All thanks to @michelle at MEI, who is a darling. Even though we keep changing our minds and adding new cruises, canceling them, upgrading, and using casino offers. She's been incredible!
  9. We just came off Anthem for the NYE sailing. It was a completely full sailing, and even then there were usually plenty of seats at the shows. The key/suite/diamond+ seats were at the top of the orchestra level, basically right as you walk into the theater. Though, we never went up to the balcony, so it's possible there were reserved seats there as well
  10. Neither do the Spa Junior Suites (J4) on Anthem
  11. We just came off our first ever JS experience from Anthem. We happened to get an incredible price on the NYE sailing, as it's usually waaaay out of our price range. We *loved* Coastal Kitchen (the filet was magnificent) , the extra space, and the large balcony. It's not worth the price all the time for us, but we may be tempted back if there's a good price for CK access alone.
  12. We miiiight be addicted to cruising... Freedom - 6/14/20 Liberty - 8/23/20 Allure - 11/29/20 Oasis - 12/6/20
  13. We're sailing on Anthem for New Years in a Junior Suite. What do you think our chances for getting into Coastal Kitchen are? I've heard it's generally easier on Anthem than on Oasis class ships, but would the holiday sailing effect our chances?
  14. Benefit to having multiple cruises planned!!! We basically just bought packages for 3 cruises for the price of 1!!!
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