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Hi There Royal Caribbean Blog Friends,


Greetings from Hong Kong. Just recently we booked a ten-night South Pacific trip for March on Voyager of the Seas that leaves out of Australia. We booked through the online Royal Caribbean website which was an ok deal, now the price has dropped considerably. To get the better deal, should I contact Royal Caribbean directly by phone and ask them to apply the better pricing?


Thank you for the help!


Best Regards,

The Food Guy James

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Welcome to the forum!


Yes, if you booked through the website, you can call RC directly and ask them to make the adjustment.  I did that 3 times for my Allure of the Seas cruise and they are very easy and pleasant to deal with on the phone.  Once the adjustment is made, they will e-mail you the updated booking confirmation in PDF format.  From what I have been told, you can do this until the final payment is made on your cruise.  I can also say that each time I was literally off of the phone in no more than 10 minutes from when I first placed the call (and the e-mail confirmation comes immediately).


Good luck and enjoy your upcoming cruise!!!

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