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Majesty of the Seas cruise compass


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I'll assume you checked here...




There's one for Aug 2014 listed, I know it's a year away but they say very little changes in the compass.

Someone might have a more recent one though, best of luck.

BTW, I think you picked a great ship to start with. If you have any more questions everyone is very helpful here.

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I would encourage everyone to save a copy of the compasses from their cruises.  When you return you can scan them and send them to Matt to get posted on this site.  It's a great way to pay it forward and may benefit you in the future.


Matt's going to get a nice preview of his Brilliance cruise since I'm going on the same sailing two weeks earlier and will sending him the ones from our cruise.

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I agree.....we should have a section on this board somewhere just for posting compasses.


It's a very common asked question on any of the cruise boards/sites and may also increase traffic here if we had a section designated just for the compasses!

All you need to do is mail them to Matt and he posts them at the link provided above.

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