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Suite guests and non suite guests

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We may be joined by another family for our upcoming Oasis sailing. We will be staying in a Crown Loft Suite. They will not be staying in a suite. There are three of us and two of them. 1) will they be permitted to come to our suite for sail away, or to even just hang? 2) I understand Coastal Kitchen is for suite guests. Hypothetically, if my son did't want to eat there, could one of the members in the non suite party take his place? I'm doubting, but thought I'd ask.

Many thanks!

Let's Go Blues!!!!!

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There is a door that is sometimes closed down the hall that requires a suite key card to open.  A lot of the time it's left open but another guest could close it. 

Otherwise they can come and go jut like any other cabin.  You'll have a doorbell they can ring.  

You can ask with CK.  You might get way with it since there are 3 in your cabin so your reservations will be for 3, but technically they don't have to allow a non-suite guest into CK.  

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