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Some NewB Perfect Day at CocoCay Questions

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Hi. I just booked a cruise this coming Dec on Navigator and this will be my first RC cruise (I have done Disney and Regent in the past). I have just spent a lot of time on the RC website and various forums trying to figure out some of the shore excursions and spoke to a customer service rep who was helpful, but did not really know very much. Apologies in advance if these are "easy" question but I have not yet found the answers. 

I will be travelling with spouse, 2 younger buys and 2 older girls - so different vacation considerations.

  • Boys will definitely want to access the CocoCay water park etc, girls and spouse may be content to sit by the "beach / pool" etc. I see that there are various passes for the water park (half day, half day including zip line, full day etc) but can non-water park participants hang out in the same area or are they not even allowed into that area? 
  • If the girls do not want to use the water park, are there other areas of CocoCay that would be accessible to them where they could hang out in chairs by the pool, water etc? Or do you have to pay for any "Water front" access on CocoCay? 
  • I looked at the map of the Island, but I didn't see anything that describes how far/ the distances between the water park area and the rest of the Island. How "far apart" would we be from each other if some use the water park area and others don't. 
  • There are numerous Cabana options - Thrill Cabanas, Oasis Lagoon, Chill. Each with different prices. It looks like the Thrill Cabanas (about $500?( also give everyone in your party (up to 6) water park access. But does it also allow you to wander through the rest of the areas of the Island? (Oasis Lagoon, Chill etc)? By the same token, the other Cabana prices are less expensive but are you then restricted to that area? 

Apologies again for all these questions, just trying to get a sense of how things work on CocoCay, what I have to pay for, what I may not need to pay for (if girls just want to relax by the water, or maybe do a zipline etc). Thanx in advance. 

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18 hours ago, Birdman325 said:

Thx. I found an updated map on line - which I assume is "proposed" - I think buying a cabana at this early date, might be a bit premature. 

Yes, proposed is proabably a good way to say it, the "Grand Opening" is supposed to be in May, I do know the over water cabanas are not supposed to be finished by then, one blog I read said later in the year.

I'm going in October, just my wife and I, we won't be doing any of the thrills, we usually just pick a quite corner someplace and relax, swim, sun bath, repeat.

@JennyB maybe after July you can give an update?

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