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Things to do within walking distance


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We are looking for things that we can do within walking distance from the ship for our upcoming cruise on Rhapsody of the Seas. We're visiting Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya, and Roatan.

In Cozumel, can you walk (safely) from the ship to the "downtown" area?

Are there any beaches within walking distance at any of our ports? I know there's the pool area in Costa Maya, but I think we'd just stay on the ship to have pool time.

We've been to these ports once before, but this time decided to go for the 7 night cruise and not do any excursions vs. the 4 night with excursions. Our daughters are older (11, 13, and 15), so if anyone has any good no or very low cost ideas, we'd appreciate it! We'd be okay staying on the ship and enjoying the pool and food.

Any other thoughts or ideas?

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2 hours ago, turtleclanscott said:

n Cozumel, can you walk (safely) from the ship to the "downtown" area?

Not easily. Probably a half hour walk. During warmer months of the year, it would be a hot sweaty mess. $8 for a cab

In Cozumel, there are tourist trap shops and a few dining options near the port.  A couple of hotels too, where you can get a day pass. El Cid resort is one of them.

Costa Maya also has a tourist trap pier area that is quite large and you can walk around.  To get to majahual, like Cozumel, you need a taxi because it's not practical to walk.

Belize is walkable (once you tender over) but there isn't a whole lot there.  Nearly anyone who does an excursion in Belize heads elsewhere via transportation.

Roatan has a small tourist center around where the ships dock.  Some restaurants and shopping.

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  If you are shopping in Cozumel and interested in silver jewelry make sure you bring a small magnet.  The magnet will not stick to real silver.  We got saved from buying  a fake necklace on one of our cruises by having the magnet with us.   Its important that you keep the magnet away from your sea pass card or any of your credit cards.  Good luck

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