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What happens after the cruise? Cruise Post Partum

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What happens after the cruise? Cruise Post Partum


How do you cope with post cruise memories? The loss? You deserve better, more.


The breakfast menu left the evening before on your stateroom door, a knock on the door with your breakfast when you get up in the morning. Or, going to the main dining room/windjammer for a ready made breakfast every morning. Being served Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food available all the time.


The endless food, deserts, eating every 15 minutes. Find yourself going for an ice cream cone whenever you want. Ordering or getting 2 of something. No extra charge, already included.


No need to carry cash, credit or all sorts of ID. Your cruise seapass is all you need. It’s your room key, your payment card, your access card.


Every time you leave your stateroom, you come back and it is all fixed up again. You look for new things left in your room by your personal room steward. Don’t like something or want something, all you have to do is call your stateroom attendant. Bring it to their attention.


There is a new schedule every day that you can follow or not. You can stay on the ship or get off at the ports.

Order something special at dinner and it’s there for you every evening. They remembered, they call you by name. You are important.


A professional photographer wanting to take your picture at every turn to remember your experiences.

If you got a beverage package, endless drinks. All kinds of drinks, new drinks, specialty drinks, island drinks. No worries about driving home, finding your place, ect.


No car worries. Where to park, is there enough gas in the tank, do I have enough time to get there, did I forget something. Just walk were ever your going, 5-15 minutes from anywhere in the ship. Hungry, walk through the windjammer, on your way.


Endless parties and all you have to do is show up. Very little, to no planning. Just get yourself there, be included and have fun. Endless fun. And if it gets too much, just leave.


Continual professional production shows available. No driving for hours, just walk there and sit down and enjoy. Want to sit next to the stage, sit next to the stage. Want to sit in the balcony, sit in the balcony. Where ever you want. If you want you can even be a part of some of the shows, or not. Totally your choice.


Schedule yourself something to do every minute or, sit by the pool and do nothing, your choice.


Get that massage, spend time at the spa. Consult with the experts on how to look and feel younger. Get a massage outside on a beach. Get wild.


Visit great and exotic places daily. Have adventures, exploring new worlds and activities at every port. Experience things you would never do at home. Step out of your comfort zone or not.


You are the captain of your vacation. There’s no one to tell you no you can’t do that because you don’t have the time, money, means. Just do it. It’s included. All inclusive. Food, Shows, Ports, Room, Drinks, FUN.


Then reality sets in, sometimes the last day, sometimes at the airport making connections, sometimes the day you get home. Your going to be living on land again, in some real space with an actual separate bedroom and bathroom. Your glad your going home, but then again, you have to face what you left: work, relationships, commitments, deadlines, quotas, ect. You have to play catch up on the things that didn’t get done while you were gone. Put out fires at work, find out whos been doing what to whom…..


What to do? Arrange your cruise pictures and relive your cruising experience. Next time take better pictures and include people and yourself in the pictures. Talk about the great time you had. Start planning your next cruise, and maybe even book it. Start saving again and start the process all over again.


Counting your cruise points you earned and what is it going to take, to get to the next level. How many cruises? Trying to figure out if you want to try another cruise company, new destinations, new friends, new experiences. All the choices.


Try to relive some of the experiences. Go to a show, plan an event, go to a restaurant with a buffet. Dream. Tell your therapist.


What do you do in between cruises?


What do you do to get over missing the cruise life?

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We buy those Royal Caribbean cook books and re-create a special meal that we liked on board.


Especially like the RC desert and special occasions cook book

That's a great idea.  I love to re-create drinks from the cruise. Labadoozies always hit the spot.

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Having a cruised booked definitely helps as I can start planning for the next one as soon as I get off the previous one.  In additioin, sometimes the cruise that's ending can be your "recon" cruise for the next.  For instance, we had the Brilliance booked before we went on the Jewel, so we were able to explore the ship and check out possible stateroom locations to see if we'd be happy with were they were located as well as determining if we'd be happy with the ship and/or features. 

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