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Found 20 results

  1. Hey guys! I will be going on my first cruise in October on Navigator of the Seas. We will be stopping in Nassau and I was looking at the shore excursions on the cruise planner site. I found a deluxe sailing excursion, it sounds great because my husband and I love sail boats and it sounds like a lot of fun. Have any of you ever done this excursion? If so, what do you think? Thanks, Nikki
  2. We will be cruising in November to Cozumel. Has anyone done the Coba pyramid & cenote swim excursion? I know it takes awhile to get there. Is it worth it time wise? We are only in port for 9 hours & this excursion is 8 hours. I’m estimating about 1/2 of the excursion is travel time. We have 4 children between 15-10.
  3. We will be cruising next May with our families on Harmony of the Seas. Our daughter will be the youngest at 2 and probably the only child with the rest as adults in their twenties or fifties. Our ports of call are Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Roatan as well as Perfect Day CocoCay. Excluding CocoCay, which, if any, of those ports would be best to just walk off the ship and eat and shop or go to a beach without an excursion? We do have some in our party with mobility issues, so a short walk would be preferable or we could do a taxi ride. If there's nothing in those ports that fit the bill for that,
  4. Hello All. RCCL, in all it's wonderful glory, has removed our scheduled shore excursions from the CP offerings. As has been a hot topic several times in the last few weeks, I suspect that the current CP sale possibly may have them at a lower cost but doesn't want me to cancel and rebook at the new lower price (although, I did purchase most of our excursion on the BF Sale, so they needn't worry, but I digress). So, I'm wondering if any of you Alaska cruisers could shoot me the price of these excursions, that is if you're seeing them in your CP: Fly-out Fly Fishing in Juneau, Icy Strait Point St
  5. My wife and I are going on the Navigator OTS soon and we are doing an excursion, the Dolphin Push, Pull & Swim Experience in George Town, Grand Cayman. Has anyone done this excursion that has any tips, advice or experiences that they would like to share? It’s hard to find reviews and we just want to know what to be prepared for. All I know for sure is to not bring a camera. Is there a safe place to store your items while you are in the water? Thanks for any responses!
  6. Hello all. I was looking at "My Calendar" for our Alaska Southbound 2019 in the cruise planner and noticed that one of my excursions was moved ahead by one hour. I would think they would have sent an email to notify us. Not a deal breaker in the least, but it gives me pause about other notifications (I haven't received?). FOMO with a twist. . .
  7. We are sailing on the July 15th cruise. In Bahamas my wife and I are interested in an excursion through Tru Bahamian where you cook a three course meal with the chef at Graycliff. We have done their other walking tour and want to try this one. Issue is price is very high for just two people. If we get 6 more more very affordable for what they offer. Please DM is anyone is interested to join on Monday, June 16th.
  8. I was wondering how safe the belongings would be for the Philipsburg excursion. I'm a photographer and really want to take my camera with me for the tour part of this but how safe will it be during the beach part? I dont want anything to get stolen
  9. Here is a video review of Doctor's Cave Beach in Jamaica. Keep in mind that my cruise docked in Montego Bay so there will be no shuttle from Falmouth, but many people still go to Doctor's Cave Beach from Royal Caribbean's port as well. I have heard it is about a 30-45 minute drive from Falmouth, but if you contact a transportation service in Falmouth they can give you more accurate estimates of the duration and price. The beach was beautiful well worth the $9 it costs to get in. They serve food and have a full bar located in a large deck area behind the beach. There were plenty of tables
  10. Team RCLBlog, Another noob question, but here it goes: How does Labadee work? Since it is owned by RCL is there places to go that is included (beaches, bars, restaurants, lawn chairs etc)? Should I pay for an excursion? Since we have the drink package, does it work on Labadee? If so, everywhere? Or are there certain bars/places that it works? Thanks for your help!
  11. Alright guys, trying to figure out what to do in Cozumel. Definitely interested in some of the cultural stuff but the tequila tasting/chocolate factory don’t really sound like our thing. How are the Mayan ruins? We don’t plan to go to mainland due to travel time, so I think that leaves one ruin, how is it? Should we do an atm tour to it? also considering doing the underground caverns. basically open to anything, if someone has an absolutely favorite excursion I could be convinced to follow their lead. cheers!
  12. Has anyone done the Amiga Island excursion, QLE7 in Labadee? Is it part of RCCL? Does the drink package work on the island or is it cash? Is there shade? Thanks!!!
  13. I will be on Freedom in a month, and we have booked the Royal Aerial Adventure Park excursion through RC while in Puerto Costa Maya. Has anyone done this? My family (wife + 2 teens) were excited about it, but wondered about some specific questions... Are there lockers or places to put items while zip-lining? Additional cost? How wet will we get on the zip-line? Do you only get 1 ride, or is it multiple rides on the zip-lines? Are we on our own for lunch? Thanks!
  14. My little daughter who is 5 saw a video of a shore excursion with dolphins on youtube. I'm now having to research if the dolphin experience in Cozumel on our Oct 22nd Western Cruise is worth it or not? Any reviews out there? Feedback? Should I purchase through RCL or is there a reputable place to buy a better package? Thanks everyone!
  15. My husband dives, I snorkel, was wondering if there is an RCL excursion that offers both? If not, has anyone used a local dive shop in Bonaire that offers?
  16. Is that possible to see Ice Cave and Whale in one day, our ship arrive Juneau at 12pm, dep. at 9 pm
  17. Hi all! My wife and I are celebrating some big milestones (turning 30 and 5 year wedding anniversary) so we booked a cruise in February on the Majesty of the Sea. It is a 3 day cruise (cocokay and Nassau). I have no idea what to expect. I have no idea what to do for dinning. What/where do we eat at the ports? When do we get to see about shows or entertainment on the ship? Basically Im looking for a walk through so I dont have to ask a million questions when we get on the boat (even though I still will).
  18. We're on the May 29, 2016, Serenade cruise (Baltics). We have some OBC that I'm looking to use and looking at the RCCL excursion called Stockholm On Your Own. It's five hours, about $50 per person, and visits the Vasa museum and Old Town, both of which we want to see, plus a third place that I don't recall off the top of my head. Has anyone done this tour? The description is vague on details: do you get on a tour bus where the ship is docked? Is admission to the Vasa included? I'm thinking that due to the low cost of this excursion, it may be transportation only, and you have to pay
  19. If anyone is interested in joining a small group of us who are going to the Blue Hole near Ocho Rios on the 21 Feb Allure sailing, please let me know. Please send me a private message and we will arrange to contact. This is a private excursion coordinated by one of our group. Expenses (per person) are as follows: $30 for transportation to the site and back to the ship $10 for admission to the blue hole $20 for river tubing (this is an add-on and will only be attempted if there is sufficient time and if you want to do it) $10 tip for the driver/tour guide $?? for lunch. Whatev
  20. I will be on the Allure in a few weeks on the Eastern Caribbean cruise. I will be visiting St. Maarten, Nassau, and St. Thomas. I have been researching excursions for the ports and just wondered if anyone who has been to these ports had any "can't miss" suggestions on things to do? I don't snorkel. I am thinking about Maho Beach in St. Maarten so that I can see the planes land but I don't know if I want that to be an all day excursion. I have also read on Trip Advisor and Cruise Critic that 'Bernard's Tours' in St. Maarten is pretty good. Has anyone used them? Also, if anyone has any sugge
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