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Found 12 results

  1. hello! Has any one else booked the St. Maarten Beach Rendezvous? We are on Harmony of the Seas in a month , and would like to enjoy the beach that day. I've read a report that the beach was overgrown with seaweed and Dog poop, but im wondering if this review was just an isolated incident?? Any insight would be appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone! Lots of great information on this site. Thank you to everyone for their recommendations and opinions. It's not technically our first time, but our last cruise was over 20 years ago before we had kids and boy have things changed! We weren't ready to have to choose between drink packages and specialty dining options, etc. It's really stretching our budget in ways we overlooked. We just booked on the Harmony of the Seas for July 21st. I'd like to ask thoughts on the drink packages. We would not drink enough to break even with the unlimited drinking package. I am a be
  3. My husband and I are going on a 7N Freedom of the Seas (FOTS) cruise January 2020. I'd love to hear of all your suggestions for excursions. We LOVE the water/beach but are open to other ideas as well. We have already been to St Maarten and did a RC snuba excursion which we enjoyed. All other ports we have never been to. With so many ports, we'd love to hear your feedback on ports to do an excursion versus no excursion-either staying on the ship or exploring the town. I should also note that one day we'd love to go back and stay at an island for longer than one day so any suggestions on d
  4. Hi, We're looking at booking Allure for Christmas and the itinerary will have our first port day in St Maarten on Christmas day. Will there be any excursions we can do? Or is there a beach near to the port that will be open? TIA
  5. Hello, My wife and I are taking our first cruise in October and we are very excited. The 3 ports being visited are Nassau, St Thomas, and St Maarten. I am very inquisitive and I want to make sure the excursions we are looking at are quality or not. Being our first time being on a cruise and first time leaving the US other than trips into Canada we have decided to stick with Royal Caribbean promoted excursions. I tried searching this site but couldn't accurately say the reviews i found were for the exact excursion we are looking at. Any help from some more seasoned crusiers would b
  6. How is st maarten today , since the hurricane?
  7. Has anyone been to St. John’s recently? We have a stop in September and wondered how much has been rebuilt since Irma? What about St. Maarten? Thanks! p
  8. I'm taking a page from @KLAconQueso and splitting out my review of one of our major excursions to this board, rather than making it part of my live blog. Now, I've already posted the photos from that excursion on my recent live blog; you can view them here. This entry is more to talk about the excursion and the folks who run it, how to book it and what to expect when you go. The official name for the company that runs this tour is "Soualiga Destinations", and this is also the name of their web site. But everyone who's told me about it, and the owner himself, tends to refer to just as "Cap
  9. We are visiting Friar's Bay in St. Maarten. Wondering if this was good for snorkeling. My sister and I would like to go at some point but aren't sure if we want to book a 4 hr trip
  10. First cruiser here going to St Maarten, is there beach access without having to sign up and pay and stand in line waiting for a tour? I've signed up for that in Bahamas and St Thomas. Can I stroll off the boat in St Maarten and find a beautiful beach on my own without having to go in a large group for a designated time etc? I'd like more freedom on St Maarten but don't want to miss a beach experience.
  11. This is the review I posted on TripAdvisor for Soualiga Destinations Boat Tours in St. Maarten ********************************************************** After we did our Speed Boat/ATV/Jungle Trek excursion in Belize, we didn't think anything would ever again top that experience. We've had to wait nearly 10 years for something to compete. The Soualiga Boat Tour has done just that! On the morning of October 22nd, we walked down to Dock Maarten. Captain Bob was all business at the dock, but he has been nothing but professional and helpful from beginning to end. He had a lot to manage that mo
  12. I will be on the Allure in a few weeks on the Eastern Caribbean cruise. I will be visiting St. Maarten, Nassau, and St. Thomas. I have been researching excursions for the ports and just wondered if anyone who has been to these ports had any "can't miss" suggestions on things to do? I don't snorkel. I am thinking about Maho Beach in St. Maarten so that I can see the planes land but I don't know if I want that to be an all day excursion. I have also read on Trip Advisor and Cruise Critic that 'Bernard's Tours' in St. Maarten is pretty good. Has anyone used them? Also, if anyone has any sugge
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