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Found 9 results

  1. If you are sailing on Wonder of the Seas calling St Thomas on March 16 and looking for a 1/2 day snorkel excursion the vicat has opened up a 9AM time slot for 3 hours. Excursions seem to be filling up quickly both through Royal and other sites. The excursion is currently listed on third party sites (Viator) but only for a 1pm time slot. Very good reviews and kid friendly. To book go directly to the the website theviacat.com and the 9AM time will be listed. Looks like short cab ride to the excursion location and plenty of time to return to the ship.
  2. Ok, stay with me on this and I promise it will make sense like many, we have a ton of onboard credit to use, so we are looking at some excursions. I like to snorkel, but the wife does not. I’m at the point where I really need to do an excursion to get to the good snorkeling areas and actually see some cool stuff. we are looking for excursions that would allow the wife to attend, but not snorkel. Whether it be her staying on the ship or if there is a beach at the location where she can chill out. since we are traveling alone she won’t have a built in hang out buddy and she would enjoy seeing the other sites and such involved in the process, but she doesn’t get in the water past her knees because (and I quote) “there’s fish in there” just looking for suggestions in case anyone has done this or knows more about how most excursions work. I’ve been looking at the Royal site and can’t figure out if there is one where she can just chill. Thanks! itinerary included for reference.
  3. Hey everyone, new to the site but not to cruising, have a trip in beginning of May on the Symphony and we are stopping in both St. Maarten and St. Thomas, We were thinking of doing “4x4 St. Maarten and Beach Escape” and “St. John Trunk Bay Beach & Snorkel”, anyone been on either of these before? If went on St John excursion, did you feel like you had enough time in St. Thomas as well? Also would like to know name of boat involved in taking you to St. John if anyone knows, Would love some feedback
  4. Hello Everyone, I am excited to be on the Explorer of the Seas next month and I am in the process of finalizing excursions for Labadee. Did anyone participate in the Speedboat and Snorkeling excursion and is willing to provide some feedback on this experience? Is the Speedboat going to the same reef as the Catamaran Snorkel experience. Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences, Kiki :).
  5. Hello, I am new to the site and will be cruising Oct 28 2018 on Oasis of the Seas for a 7 night Eastern Carribean Nassau, St Thomas and St Martin. I have been on one cruise with NCL before but I am very excited to cruise on a bigger ship in a Boardwalk Balcony room. I will be cruising with my 3 kids and 2 other families so a total of 20 of us. We will be dining 5:30 with set time dining at the MDR and would like to catch some shows, pool time with some beach snorkelling. A few questions and recommendations would be much appreciated! 1) What are the best free snorkel beaches in Nassau, St Thomas and St Martin? Preferably would like clear, picturesque waters, keeping costs down and not have to take a 45-60 minute boat ride, but share any experiences you have had. 2) What are the best shows to reserve and watch? Kids ranging from 7-14 will be cruising with us? 3) How are the kids' programs, do your kids spend time in there and do they get bored? 4) What day and times are good to do Rock Climbing, Flo Rider? 5) What is a good time to grab loungers? 6) If you had to choose one night for a Specialty restaurant, which one would it be and any other tips on the MDR and entree selections?
  6. We are visiting Friar's Bay in St. Maarten. Wondering if this was good for snorkeling. My sister and I would like to go at some point but aren't sure if we want to book a 4 hr trip
  7. I've seen several posts about snorkeling excursions and various boats in St. Maarten, but I have not seen anything about RCCL's promoted Airport Adventure SXM & Snorkel excursion. Has anyone taken this one that can comment on it? We will be on Oasis in June this year, so we are wondering if this is a good option. Is the snorkel site really crowded? Anything about the boat or crew? We are leaning towards this because is not an all day trip, and it has "facilities" on-board (big deal for daughters and wife). Being near the airport flight path seems kinda cool too. Also, the boat appears to have multi-levels for different activities on-board. Girls are young teens and very novice snorkelers, but good swimmers. So should we go with this or opt for one of the other well recommended snorkel excursions? Thanks!!
  8. My husband dives, I snorkel, was wondering if there is an RCL excursion that offers both? If not, has anyone used a local dive shop in Bonaire that offers?
  9. How good is the snorkeling if I go on my own at Snorkel Beach without buying a excursion? Are there changing rooms or do I have to use the bathrooms to change out of a wet suit?
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