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Found 8 results

  1. Check your Cruise Planner Spring into Saving up to 30% sale Got Thrill Waterpark Cabana And Full Day Pass for $471 for my Symphony in October
  2. Just got an email that a new cruise planner sale for 30% off on-board prices has started. I'm seeing the following for my Anthem cruise in October: $42/night for the deluxe package (same as when I bought it last month) $18/night for refreshment package (ditto) $14.99/night for VOOM 1-device $28.48/night for VOOM 2-devices (last I saw was $30.38 pre-sale) Might grab the VOOM while it's on sale and I have the chance, since my new billing cycle starts on Sunday. On the other hand, I may wait. I'm sure there will be at least a July 4 and Labor Day sale between now and sail-away. VOOM is less critical to me this trip since it's so short; if needs be, will post-cruise blog instead of live blogging, and I didn't have any real intention of Periscoping this time around.
  3. Just went to RCCL.com to check on current booking prices. Primed for Adventure Sale is up. Booking prices are down a tad after applying discounts and credits (not OBC). My July 2019 Southbound Alaska Grand Suite went down by a whopping $8. My Dec 2019 Holiday Cruise to Easter Caribbean Junior Suite is still higher than when I booked about two weeks ago. It has a flash sale credit on it, but pricing was still better 2 weeks ago. As @Matt says, "Your mileage may vary." <- yes, I'm an Oxford quote kinda gal.
  4. I already called in last week or so for the previous sale and saved $256! SO should i call in for New Dive and Discover Sale...should I call for the savings of $95? Is there a risk of always trying to call in and save?
  5. Just repriced my upcoming cruises. Saved over $600.
  6. In case you didn't see it on the blog, there's a new sale going on: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2017/06/17/spotted-royal-caribbean-offering-30-pre-cruise-purchases-cruise-planner
  7. I wanted to let you all know that I discovered that Royal is offering 30% off spa services prebooked through the Cruise Planner. This just popped up for my January Allure cruise and shows up just like the one that appears for Voom and the previous sale on the drink packages. Thus, if you're into spa services, this might be a good way to save some money by prebooking now.
  8. Today when I checked my cruise prices (as I do EVERY morning...at least once !) I noticed something I have never really seen before - that I can recall, anyway. A real sale ! Maybe this was promo'ed ahead of time and I just missed it but for every one of my sailings, there is a dollar discount straight off the price....and none of the baseline prices appear to have gone up. -$100 for my 26 June 16 Freedom -$200 for my 23 December 16 Navigator (this is a Christmas/New Year's combo !) -$100 for my 11 Feb 17 Harmony -$100 for my 23 Dec 17 Adventure What's amazing is that this discount is the same to every cabin category. So it appears to be a straight up dollars off for every cabin on every sailing that I looked at. Maybe I just picked some lucky cruises.
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