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Found 6 results

  1. Taking my daughter on her first cruise, she loves to zip line. Has anyone done this in Puerto Rico? Is it worth the time and money?
  2. We are sailing aboard the Jewel of the Seas in June 2020, out of Copenhagen, on a 10 day cruise. We will have a 2 day stop at St. Petersburg Russia. We are booked for the 2 day excursion tour package. Some family and friends are quite nervous about our safety on this trip. A friend, who sailed there YEARS AGO, said it was terrific but - their tour bus travelled at extreme rates of speed for safety sake. 1) we'd appreciate knowing the honest truth about visiting St. Petersburg and if you felt safe doing so? 2) No visa necessary because taking the ship sponsored tour, right? 3) Do they take credit cards in St. Petersburg? 4)Jewel of the Seas input? Thank you!
  3. Hi All, We are cruising this coming Saturday on Anthem, we are planning on getting a day pass to Sandals Royal Bahamian - about 22 minutes by car from the port. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to get there and back? It's not an excursion through RC. Mainly trying to choose between the "Jitney" and a taxi. Is Nassau safe for tourists? Has anyone done the day pass before? Anyone ever taken the Jitney? How did you feel? Safe, nervous? I'm reading mixed reviews about the safety on the island. thanks!
  4. OK, so I already know that the Dragon's Breath zip line excursion has a big standard disclaimer on it that people with back or neck problems shouldn't do it. But I also know it's a CYA disclaimer to cover that 1-in-500 or lower chance someone gets hurt doing it. I've been on plenty of rides with these disclaimers, and in spite of having really badly hurt my neck years ago, I've never had a problem with any of them. Mainly low- to mid-line roller coasters (space mountain / runaway train / thunder mountain type, no loops or linear acceleration launchers), but also other amusement park rides. This excursion has me feeling a little differently. I'm hitting 50 mph by the time the line levels out. There are no restraints to keep my body from jerking around at the end when I stop, certainly nothing to protect my neck (which I will admit is still somewhat weak even now and which cracks / pops several times a day). I'd like to do it, but not if there's a non-minimal risk of spraining / straining it again. Labadee is the last port on our trip, but I still have a sea day after that and then the flight home. Can anyone who's done this excursion clue me in on how hard the jolt is when you stop at the end? I've seen the videos showing the full experience, and it certainly looks like I could really feel it. The rest of my family will be doing this and I have no problem taking several slow runs down the alpine coaster while they're at it, or just lazing in the cabana and getting our money's worth from that, or taking a slow walk along the paths. Thanks, all!
  5. See CDC link below. Overall Royal Caribbean’s food and prep is very good. The scores range from 86-100 (“Inspections scores of 85 or lower are NOT satisfactoryâ€). 22 ships of Royal Caribbean’s fleet were evaluated. The arithmetic mean for all 22 ships was 96.54. 2 of Royal Caribbean ships scored 100. They were the two “R†ships. The Radiance of the Seas and the Rhapsody of the Seas. The lowest score of the fleet was from the Freedom of the Seas (86). Click on “reports†and you can see all the noted infractions. Overall Royal Caribbean fared very well. Note: Disney's fleet scored exceptionally high among it's competitors. Here’s the CDC link: http://wwwn.cdc.gov/InspectionQueryTool/InspectionResults.aspx
  6. With the recent news of a child nearly drowning on Independence of the Seas (nearly drowned, contrary to article's title), do you think that Royal Caribbean needs to staff lifeguards poolside? According to a recent CC article, Disney Cruise Lines is the only major line to staff lifeguards. As a certified lifeguard myself, as well as Lifeguard Instructor: American Red Cross, Basic Life Support Instructor: American Heart Assocation, and a Certified Community Emergency Responder, I have my own opinion. Legally speaking, SOME states have passed laws that state ALL businesses operating swimming pools must provide a lifeguard during operating hours. Other states say that "Swim at your own Risk" signs are sufficient. Regardless, I think the only thing that the family COULD argue if they wanted to come after RCI is the notion of a "gate" of sorts--basically means to keep young children from inadvertently venturing into a swimming pool. Beyond that, I am of the opinion that staffing swimming pools with lifeguards would a) change the ambiance of the pool deck, even if they didn't enforce any rules, and were just there as a precaution, and b) provide parents with an even larger false sense of security, potentially leading to more emergencies. What are YOUR thoughts?
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