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  1. So our cruise is in 2 days, and this is the third excursion that has just been canceled. We keep booking other excursions to replace the canceled ones but when we are this close to the cruise I'm worrying what if everything gets canceled after we board?? Shouldn't there be a cutoff time (like 2 days before a cruise) where royal caribbean tells the third party excursion providers they cannot cancel anymore? An RC rep told me they can cancel any time. Want to know if anyone else is having a similar experience. We have a couple more hours to cancel the cruise for a full refund and seriously considering that at this point.
  2. Hello all, I am hoping someone can help us. My girlfriend and I have a cruise booked for Anthem of the Seas on Jan 9th, 2022. I came to learn that RC decorates their ships with Poinsettias for the holidays (please google Poinsettias if you are not sure what they look like). My gf is very allergic to these plants. I have been trying to research when exactly RC takes down these decorations. I've heard sometimes they take them down right after new years on Jan 1st, or whenever the ship arrives back in Port after Jan 1st. Anthem will be coming back from a Dec 31 - Jan 9 sailing right before we board on Jan 9th. My question for you all is if you've ever been on a holiday cruise, 1. Are the Poinsettias real? 2. When do they get taken down? I am hoping that they will be taken down when Anthem arrives in Port on Dec 31st. That would give us time for the ship to be aired out. If they are on the ship until Jan 9th, I am worried my gf might have a reaction on the first day. I called support about this and they couldn't tell me when the decorations will be removed, that it is up to the ship. If anybody knows how I could get in touch with someone that could give me more info or help, please let me know. Thank you, Tyler
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