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Found 6 results

  1. Hello I am going on a 7 nights cruise from Barcelona 28th of June 2020. I bought the Photo Package: All Digital + Prints for 155USD (!) as a black Friday offer. However now i see they have stopped selling this package in the Cruise Planner, and now only offer digital prints package. Has it disappeared from the offers in the cruise planners as i already bought it for this trip, or are they not doing prints anymore? How does it work anyways if I find prints of me or my family while i am on-board, do i just pick em up and take them, or how does this work. I haven't been on a cruise for the last 12 years so please educate me on this matter ?
  2. Does the photo package still include children in other cabins? My husband and I are traveling with our five children in three cabins. One of our children is 21, the rest younger. I read a post from 2017 that said once onboard, the photo vendor can link your children in other cabins, if they are under a certain age, to the package, but when I call RC they said No, but I could check with the vendor. There is a direct link to the vendor from the RC.com site which states that children 21 and under in other cabins are linked. I sent in a ticket to the vendor to be certain and it has been four days with no word from the vendor. I would like to buy the package now as it is on sale but I am concerned I will get onboard and be told they will not honor what their website says, since in contradicts RC info. Has anyone linked children in other cabins recently? Cruising soon so appreciate any timely help. Thanks!!!
  3. I just purchased the all digital photo package and now I'm wondering, what kind of pictures do the photographers take? Is it only pictures of you posing in front of a printed pre-set background (like what you'd expect from your kid's school picture day?), or do they actually go around the ship and take candid shots of you doing whatever?
  4. Forgive me if this was asked in a prior thread... My wife and I are traveling in a GS and the 2 kids in a connecting OV balcony. If I buy the unlimited photo package under my reservation, can I link it so that it will include photos of them as well? This obviously would be relevant for solo pics of them not including my wife or myself. We have 2 reservation numbers but they seem to be linked for everything so far.
  5. I'm wondering a bit about the photo packages and if they are worth the price of $200-$250? Since my family of 5 is staying in two different staterooms, does that mean that we'd have to buy 2 photo packages in order to receive all of the photos? If so, I just don't think I could pony up for that. Besides formal group photos, are there many candid shots taken? If we decide to just purchase photos individually on the ship, can these be put onto USB also, or only prints? thanks
  6. Photo Package is it like the Walt Disney one? Do they take pictures throughout the ship. How many pictures will usually be in your photo package? If you plan to get the formal picture is in a better deal to get the photo package?
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