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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm taking RC cruise to phuket this September. I'm interesting in doing the Phi Phi island tour. Anybody did this already? Just want to know it its good and worthed it since it's kind a expensive. I would love some review before I booked it. Thank you Atsha
  2. Hi Every One Just For Fun Show Us You Best Cruise Photo You Took. Here Mine
  3. We have never done the digital photo package. Any tips? We have two rooms and planning to buy one package tied to one person.
  4. Correct me if I am wrong but when getting on and off the ship at ports you need a photo ID as well as your sea pass. Does that go for young children as well? My daughters only ID with a photo is her passport ( and she was 6 months old so doesnt even look close to the same). I dont like taking passports on or off the ship because so many things can happen! Want them to stay in the safe! But we have drivers licenses that we can use and she only has the passport. Will that be a problem? Thx!
  5. Heading on FOTS in 35 days to the ABC islands and all checked in - BUT can’t figure out if it’s possible to upload our photos in advance to save time at the San Juan port. Anyone know if it’s possible and if so, where this link is? Thx Jeff
  6. The new set sail pass check in asks you to upload a picture on white background of yourself to save time. Did anyone do this and find it time saving when you check in to the ship, or should i not worry about it? In past, it seems to only take a couple seconds for them to take you picture for their photo recognition software. Also, I'm having trouble linking my account with my husbands for his one credit card that is in his name. It make me put in a credit card or cash account Cant figure out on the new site how to clear mine so it can be on my husbands account as we have done it past.
  7. I'm sailing on Harmony in Aug 2018. When is the best time to purchase photo packages? My extended family is spread over 4 cabins. Last time I purchased the all included USB stick and I was happy with that. Prints aren't as important for me, but are a plus. Any advice on what to purchase and more importantly when? Online says save 20% over onboard prices, but I know sometimes they run specials on board (especially early in the cruise). Thank you so much for any help you can provide!
  8. Have any of you got the photo package (all photos) from MyCruisePhoto? I keep checking but our sailing isn't up yet on their site. They are just through June 26-July 2 sailing. We cruise July 16th. I was wondering what the going price is and were you happy with the package? We want family pictures as we are celebrating our 41st wedding anniversary & 60th birthday for the two of us; our son-n-law's 50th birthday (he is 11 years older than our daughter ) and so in need of updates grandkids pictures.
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