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Found 12 results

  1. We have never done the digital photo package. Any tips? We have two rooms and planning to buy one package tied to one person.
  2. We have the ultimate dining package on the Symphony group cruise over thanksgiving. I know we have to make our reservations once we’re on board, but was wondering if we’d have better luck making the reservations with the Diamond lounge concierge or at one of the specialty restaurants. We made mock reservations in the cruise planner today and not many times available online.
  3. Hello Fellow Cruisers, I've purchased the refreshment drinks package for my coming trip on Explorer of the Seas and noted in the fine print that: "*All Beverage Packages exclude any beverages served inside licensed Starbucks® stores.". So in an effort to find out more, I found Matt Hochberg's article about the refreshment package and it states that "Royal Caribbean defines "premium coffees" as cappuccinos, espressos, and lattes. Thus, espresso based drinks are included with the Royal Refreshment package at any restaurant, bar, or cafe that serves espresso beverages.". Which is great becau
  4. I'm sailing on Harmony in Aug 2018. When is the best time to purchase photo packages? My extended family is spread over 4 cabins. Last time I purchased the all included USB stick and I was happy with that. Prints aren't as important for me, but are a plus. Any advice on what to purchase and more importantly when? Online says save 20% over onboard prices, but I know sometimes they run specials on board (especially early in the cruise). Thank you so much for any help you can provide!
  5. I bought a Deluxe Drink Package for our Oasis Cruise and wondered if I could bring a large travel mug to fill at the bars, so I.... a) don't have to keep going up to the bar and wait in line.... b) keep the drink cold over time. Will the bartenders fill a big travel mug for me? Cheers!, D
  6. We are booked on a 14 night New Zealand cruise in January on Radiance, and would like to dine at Specialty restaurants 4 nights. There is a considerable saving to be had booking the 4 Night Dining Package vs booking each individually, but you only get to choose a time for day 1 or 2. We will be travelling with our kids (who do well dining at nice restaurants), so would ideally like to be eating early - around 6pm. Does anyone have any experience on how difficult it is to book specific times once onboard? I'm hoping that over the 14 nights we would be able to find suitable times for the other 3
  7. I have the Anthem booked (again :) ) for Jan 2018, how far in advance do they start allowing the beverage packages to be purchased online? I like to buy my extras before the prices would go up (and while I have the money!) Thanks! Chris Oh and the Anthem was awesome, very little issues at all, same with the Quantum we did in 2015. Actually two of the best cruises of my 14 thus far.
  8. Can anyone tell me what drinks package I have & what it includes please? My invoice says YGG8-SELECT BEV. Thank you
  9. I noticed that you can book a package that gives you a tour of the bridge , galley and engine room plus you get two specialty restaurants included which sounds cool but the price is $170.00 per person. Considering that Chops & Giovanni's is $50.00 for the pair I am wondering if the the tour of the ship is worth the extra 120 bucks or is it well overpriced at $170.00 for the package. Has anyone done this package and if so was it worth the money ? .
  10. I will be sailing on Voyager of the Seas on April 16th from Sydney-Singapore, when can I book the 3 or more nights dining package?
  11. Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well! I wanted to go ahead and share my experience with the premium package, I notice it is a question brought up by many and before my most recent trip I also had a few concerns! I hope to clarify a few things for everyone. This is of course my opinion on the topic. In my opinion the package is worth it.... 1. if you don't plan on spending too much time with excursions 2. it is your second time cruising! 3. You have OBC 4. You enjoy drinking and can see yourself having a minimum of 5 spirits a day 5. Enjoy trying new drinks, beers, wines. 6. Short
  12. If I get the soda package, do I need to carry the Coca-Cola cup to get soda?... Also on the Explorer of the Sea, do they have those nice cool looking machines ?? How do you get the soda.... Is there a CM there all the time? Does my kid need to carry his Sea card?
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