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  1. Honestly it doesn't bother me at all, I rarely use Room Service and I do feel that it is a service that there should be a charge for. Maybe $7.95 is a bit high but acceptable. I look at it this way, my cruises today are as inexpensive as my very first one on the Sovereign, and the ships are far superior today. So I will give up totally free Room Service as well as the shoe shine, shower caps, pillow mints, etc that have gone away if I can cruise at 1994 prices.............
  2. Last time I think I was able to buy the packages wayyyy in advance, I am talking like a year before. But it is not open yet. I did book them and then cancel/rebook when the discount went from 20% to 30%, saved me around $180! We got our moneys worth, wow did we ever ;) My girlfriend jokes that with the ultimate package you get a new liver on the way out............ And JL, make sure to book the 12-night as soon as it is available if you want a good cabin, they dont do many of those 12's. I tried getting a hump cabin but they were sold out a year ahead of time. Still got a nice spot though, 9556, we were 8550 last time. If you plan to do any specialty restaurants try Jamies, we went there three times last cruise, just love the place. We feel that the SR are worth the money, just nicer. But the complimentary restaurants are great too. Watch for the packages for dining, by far the best value. And if you like wine, the Chef's Table is great too. I walked out of there after 8+glasses of good wine. Well, walked may not quite be the proper word :blink: Enjoy!!
  3. I have the Anthem booked (again :) ) for Jan 2018, how far in advance do they start allowing the beverage packages to be purchased online? I like to buy my extras before the prices would go up (and while I have the money!) Thanks! Chris Oh and the Anthem was awesome, very little issues at all, same with the Quantum we did in 2015. Actually two of the best cruises of my 14 thus far.
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