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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all! First time cruiser here so apologies if this is a silly question. Could someone help with suggestions/options on whether it is worth booking an actual transfer from the cruise port (Fort lauderdale) to our hotel (Trump international in sunny Beach, miami) or is it simple/efficient enough to just grab an uber on the day? Any help is appreciated! TIA, Ash x
  2. This will be our first sailing that doesn’t leave from Galveston, Texas. So excited to go to San Juan!
  3. Are there two separate lines during the embarkation process at Fort Lauderdale? For example, one for those passports and one for those using birth certificates? My entire family has received their passports, but my wife has yet to receive hers. It is running behind by a few weeks now. We filed in December, and I was the last to file, but I have received mine already. Hers also showed "In Process" in the online status system before mine. So if hers does not arrive in time for our cruise and she has to use a birth certificate, will she need to go into a different line from the rest of us?
  4. Ok…I get on harmony in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow. I have an 11 am check in and I’m at the Hilton marina hotel (only 10 mins away in non-traffic hours). I have Uber coming at 1015…is 45 mins good to get through the port and check baggage? I know if I get on at 1130 life won’t end but I don’t want to miss any time! Jane
  5. We booked a cruise in February 2020. We port at Fort Lauderdale at 5:30 a.m. and plan to take the first direct flight back home leaving Fort Lauderdale airport at 9 a.m. If we do express departure or self assist check out, would we make our flight at 9 a.m.? Does anyone have real experience to share with me regarding Royal Caribbean express departure at Fort Lauderdale with the Adventure of the Seas?
  6. Hello, My BF and I booked the Everglades Airboat Ride post-cruise excursion to kill sometime before our 5:30pm flight out after the cruise. Has anyone done this excursion (or a post-cruise excursion through RC)? If so, tips/advice? TIA!
  7. Hello All, We were able to book a roundtrip flight from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale for $150/pp. We are the first flight of the day being we would land at 8am (probably before to be honest). I found a place in Ft. Lauderdale called Park N Go that if you pre-pay its $5.99/day versus $13/day. There is even a free shuttle to take you to the port. My question is... Should I keep our flights on Southwest airlines or should we drive down the morning of? I'm worried about traffic on the turnpike and 95. Any suggestions? TIA.
  8. Hi, I have blocked 2 hotels in Fort Lauderdale pre-cruise and would like some feedback about them. One of them is Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Boulevard and the other is the Holiday Inn Express Fort Lauderdale - Cruise Airport on 17th Street Causeway. Tell me which would be your preferred hotel for a 2 nights pre-cruise stay and why ? TIA
  9. Hello All, My flights should be coming available in less than a month for our late October cruise. We are based out of Orlando, but can get an early morning flight to FLL for very inexpensive, plus on Southwest so free baggage, woot! Also, if something were to happen with our flight, we could still make it to the port in enough time driving, which is why I am not going down the night before. A few questions, what is the best thing about Transfers? Do they wait for you if there is a delay? Also, can you get a one-way transfer? Also, at fort lauderdale airport do they have any place where you can store your luggage? It looks like our flight out wont be until 6pm (a rental car would be the same price). I know I should be able to check my luggage ahead of time. But what about carry ons? Any tips, advice or anything are greatly appreciate.
  10. Hi folks, Looking for advice on a pre-cruise hotel in Fort Lauderdale for a May 2018 sailing on Harmony. Any input on quality of rooms, restaurants, pool, beach access, shuttle service to port, etc. would be helpful. Thanks
  11. We have 8 people (adults and kids) going on a cruise in March and was wondering if it would be better to get an Air BNB property for all of us or hotel rooms? I normally stay at the Westin ft lauderdale Beach but it may be too expensive for the other people coming. Suggestions?
  12. I'm looking to book a hotel in Fort Lauderdale pre-cruise. Sailing on Harmony Feb 11th. We have stayed in the Atlantic before and although its ranked a 5 star, it wasn't worth the money. Looking for other suggestions, 4 stars and higher only. Many thanks!
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