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Found 4 results

  1. What are your tips and tricks for the Casinos on board...other than great social fun. Slot machines to avoid or try? Other fun machine games? (Scratch off, coin pusher, video poker, etc.) What perks or rewards can you get if you win? (free drinks, credits) Learn to play- is it worth it if you already have a basic knowledge of games? you get 2 free drinks so it might be just for that. Tables - minimums to join? (Craps, Roulette, Texas Hold'em, Blackjack) Anyone have any good stories?
  2. Help! Both my husband and I are Prime members and we have not received any Casino Royal offers since April 10th. Somehow our email addressed got corrupted and we began receiving offers to our email address but with someone else name in the body of the email. The person's whose name's in the this " this offer is intended for" is are friends who I booked a cruise for at Next Cruise about a year ago. Somehow our email address/prime member names got corrupted. I have called Casino Royal at least five times trying to get this corrected. They now say that our friends names have been removed and the issue is fixed.....still no offers or correspondence from Casino Royal and it has been almost a month. Has anyone else had this issue? Are offers still being sent out? FRUSTRATED TEXAS SLOT PLAYER
  3. I was on a cruise last week (feb 2020) and got my club royale prime membership. I want to ask if my prime status ends on march 31 this year and resets to zero or is it valid Until next year which is march 31, 2021? Thanks!!
  4. Hello All, I am new to gambling and figured I would budget a few dollars to spend in the casino. I see that you get points when you gamble. How does that all work and how do they know who you are at the casino? I am going on the Mariner in about a month, so I like to be prepared. Any tips, advice and what not is appreciated. **Note: I only play slot machines, I don't play table games as I don't have that kind of money and I don't know how.**
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