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  1. Casino Royal is a free program where you use your room card as a loyalty card in the RCCL ship's casinos. They track your gambling and have set tiers for their membership. You need to gamble and attain 2,500 points to qualify for Prime and then are entitled to a free yearly cruise off of their list. The next tier is 25,000 The more points you get the higher cabin category you are entitled to. In addition to this, If you gamble and attain 2,400 points on a single cruise you are given a free inside cabin. This would be in addition to the free cruise you attained for the year. 3,600 po
  2. Just to update everyone....we finally started getting our offers in August. Frustrating as it was, I am happy to be back on their e-mail offer list. We too, have had many cruises cancelled but RCCL has extended the dates to allow us to rebook the offers. We have reused all of our FCCs and hopefully we won't have to rebook and move them again. We have two cruises booked in November and one in December that I hope do not get cancelled but don't feel like we will sail until 2021 at the earliest. I hope I am wrong. The agents at Casino Royale are hopeful that November will be the first
  3. Hello. Help! continued.... I just checked my Club Royal offers via their website and it still shows no offers. I looked on the account that mine had been corrupted by and she has a new offer, 20May108,for a free interior room. Have any of you received that offer? It appears my offers are still going to her Crown and Anchor number. She has only 16 nights and has never received even a $100 certificate at the casino.
  4. Help! Both my husband and I are Prime members and we have not received any Casino Royal offers since April 10th. Somehow our email addressed got corrupted and we began receiving offers to our email address but with someone else name in the body of the email. The person's whose name's in the this " this offer is intended for" is are friends who I booked a cruise for at Next Cruise about a year ago. Somehow our email address/prime member names got corrupted. I have called Casino Royal at least five times trying to get this corrected. They now say that our friends names have been removed a
  5. Hello, I like many, collect the RCCL Crystal ship blocks. I made the mistake of being on the same ship when I hit the next plateau. That said, I have a Serenade of the Seas I would like to trade for another. I am trying collect a block for each of the Ships we have sailed on. I am missing the following: Adventure, Brilliance, Grandeur, Independence, Liberty, Majesty, Mariner, Rhapsody, Splendor, and the Sun Vikking, If you have duplicates or no longer collect the blocks, donations accepted.:) I'll pay shipping. The Texas Leasurist
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