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Found 7 results

  1. We purchased The Key & we see that a different breakfast is offered on debarkation day. What time is it, where is it served and how does that work regarding our luggage...if we decide to walk off with our luggage?
  2. I drink a lot of coffee in the morning but don't want to spend the extra money for the beverage packages. I don't need special coffees. 1 - If I order room service for the complimentary continental breakfast, can they bring me a pot of coffee instead of a couple of cups worth? What other areas of the ship can I get coffee for free? Windjammer and MDR, I'm guessing. 2- Also what foods are included in the continental ?
  3. It says continental breakfast is free while American breakfast includes a room service charge. If we order the continental breakfast with a couple mimosas ( we DO have the drink oackage) will we be charged a fee. Or is it included since we have the DX?
  4. We are scheduled for an Alaskan cruise out of Vancouver 2020. On our last cruise in 2013 (I know too long between) we had breakfast in the MDR before we left. Is the Key breakfast different? Can I still get breakfast in the MDR without being a Key user? Thanks
  5. I tried searching but couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I have read somewhere that MDR is open for breakfast, and that it's also open seating. 1. Is it buffer, or is it served? 2. Is the food same as WJ offering, or is there a different menu? 3. What's the dresscode for breakfast at the MDR? Does it have a "high end breakfast vibe" and therefore you should dress up a bit, or people just show up in whatever (shorts and t-shirts)? 4. For you personally, what would make you eat breakfast in the MDR, versus WJ, versus room service (provided that you're only ordering the free items)? Does it differ between port days and sea days? TIA
  6. Will there be food available on the day of disembark?
  7. On my previous Cruise on Navigator, I never spotted mimosas being offered at breakfast anywhere. Was I simply not looking hard enough?! Is this something that is generally available and if so how do I go about ordering one (or some!) On my upcoming cruise on Independence and will they be covered by the drinks package? ??
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