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Found 16 results

  1. Im a cruise newbee and trying to book two adults and an infant. I noticed that booking double occupancy suite is more expensive than booking a solo suite and solo inside room. Even if we dont end up utilizing the inside room it seems to be a better option. Can this be done? Any downside to booking two seperate rooms vs one on a double occupancy?
  2. Hello All - Can anyone confirm if Central Park balcony 11629 on Wonder has the “secret” extra large balcony? https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2016/05/11/secret-royal-caribbean-staterooms-extra-large-oasis-of-the-seas-balconies
  3. Hello! Recently booked a cruise for independence of the seas and got talked into upgrading to a Spacious Ocean View Balcony room. My original room was just an ocean view on the lower decks but the price wasn’t much different so I decided to upgrade. I went on the website to see what the room would look like and the 3D tour that’s shown for the Spacious Ocean View Balcony room for Independence doesn’t actually look like it has a balcony - just a window?? Please see image below. No sliding door. Just a window. Kind of annoyed because if there is no balcony then I might as well go back to my original room and pay less for the same thing. Can anyone let me know what I’m not understanding?? Thank you!!!
  4. Hello all, We are back. About 18 months ago we disembarked the Empress in Miami with lots of rumors about this new virus and now, fittingly, we are back in Miami to start it all up again. We are super stoked as this sailing on Symphony was booked almost three years ago and a couple shifts. I love these blogs as I learn about all different experiences so I thought I would try to flag those interested in some of our unique things about what we do while sailing. (such as being plant based and taking a careful approach to what we do on the inside spaces) Hope to be informative and also learn from the one or two other blogs going on during the same cruise. Will share more soon and feel free to ask any questions.
  5. New cruisers here. Question for the experts. We originally booked in November for the June 4 - 9 night New England/Canada cruise on Adventure of the Sea. We booked a Balcony guaranteed room, RCI picks room. All good. Today, I noticed the price dropped. So, I called and asked to re-book at today's lower price. We saved $440. However, now our receipt says "Stateroom Obstructed View Percentage : 25%". That wasn't on our old receipt. The representative never mentioned anything about an obstucted view. Does this being on our receipt mean we will definitely have an obstructed view? How obtrusive is a 25% obstruction? Should I call back since this wasn't discussed during rebooking? If you let RCI pick your room, are you always at risk of getting an obstructed view? Again, first timers here. Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.
  6. We will be cruising over Christmas 2019 on Oasis. Wondering which of the L1 Crown Loft suites has the largest balcony. My spatial figuring part of the brain isn't kicking in on the diagrams on this one. I just can't tell by looking at the pictures. Would appreciate any info from the many experienced Oasis CL cruisers. Many thanks and Happy Labor Day!
  7. Hello I am wondering if anyone knows policys on smoking. I am new to all of this. I am really wondering if your allowed to board the ship with how ever many packs of cigs you want or if there's a limit also can u smoke on the balcony of your room and anywhere outside? I know smoking's bad for me but its something I enjoy on vacation. thank you in advance for your responses!
  8. Hi everyone! First time poster but I've found everyone here so helpful! I have a question regarding the standard balcony cabins on Anthem of the Seas. I booked two connecting 6D balcony rooms on the Anthem for a Nov. sailing this year. We're a family of 4 with two littles under 5 and I got what was a great deal at the time on two rooms for the price of 1. However, with the current WOW sale and KSF, I can save a little over $1,000 if I give up a room and switch us all to just one regular balcony room instead of the two adjoined rooms. So my question is - would you do it if you were in my shoes? I guess I'd love opinions from veteran sailers since this will be our first ever cruise. Is one balcony room with two littles (one who will be in a pack n play) doable? $1000 is a good chunk of change we could save but I don't know how cramped we might all possibly be in just one room. The thought of a double balcony and two bathrooms is amazing but not for $1000 ? . And apparently KSF doesn't work on two connecting rooms as the TA told me it would only apply to kids who stay with parents in a single room.
  9. booked on Anthem 11/25/18; settled on Deck 12 BUT then realized I am directly opposite ADVENTURE OCEAN!! YIKES! My children are grown so my tolerance level is a bit low. I suspect I should try to move cabins. Any feedback?
  10. So I have searched and searched and searched and can't find the layout for my room, 10652, on Oasis of the Seas. I know that I could google the ship name and room number, but I keep getting stock photos. I also know there are a few threads that explain how to determine if your bed is next to the balcony or next to the closet but I get a different answer for each one when I'm "counting" on my own. So any help would be greatly appreciated that lets me know whereabouts my bed will be.
  11. Hey Guys and Gals! Hope all are well! I'm having 2nd thoughts about the Jr Suite booked for Jan 28 2018 FOTS 6 nighter. I booked it because Cindy's "vacation" has always been to "lay" on a recliner chair on a balcony/shade and read herself to sleep. That's her "down time", her absolute pie in the sky vacation. I noticed in the RCCL Jr suite pictures, the balcony had a regular chair, and what appeared to be a loung chair (one with a totally different back) shown in the picture, but not fully shown. I'm hoping and praying there really "is" a lounge chair. Before I started calling RCCL to see if there is in fact at least one lounge chair on a Jr. Suite balcony, I thought I'd ask you upper classmen cruisers. Would any of you that know for sure, enlighten me? I know there's not a chance in heck, of "requesting" one, if they are not a part of the norm., and I understand why. I know the regular balcony rooms come with 2 "chairs". Any information is appreciated. This will be our 2nd cruise. :) We're counting the days. Thank you all, Rob Rob and Cindy Whatley Auburndale, FL
  12. We are currently booked on the Navigator for 10/18/15 for a great cruise. I originally wanted to book the Getaway but the price was to high. We ended up booking on the Navigator for $724pp and with a $200 obc. Well, now NCL has made a balcony guarantee rate for $799 with a choice of either obc, free up scale dinning, or free ultimate beverage package. Needless to say I am strongly considering the move and our agent has held a cabin for us to decide. I am just looking for some feedback if anyone has any to offer. Thanks!
  13. Tried to book seven adjacent balcony cabins today and wanted to double check with Royal Caribbean that all seven paritions along the balcony could be opened. The rep said that the cruise line does not allow any partitions on any of their ships to be opened anymore. I explained that we might need to consider another cruise line if that is the case. She really didn't care. Wow! What is that all about? The seven couples always enjoy having the partitions opened so we can have a private balcony amongst ourselves. When I called RC two weeks ago, they said no problem. So I went through all the trouble of picking a cruise, cabins, etc with my travel agent for the group and now this! Has anyone else had this experience with Royal Caribbean?
  14. We booked a deck 12 balcony cabin on the Navigator of the Seas. And since this is only our second cruise, and first balcony, I am trying to decide if this is a good location or if I should move it to someplace else? Like a midship on deck 8 or something? These cabins on deck 12 were added during the dry dock refurbishment in January 2014 I would love all the ideas anyone has to offer. Thanks!
  15. Royal Caribbean Bans Smoking On Balconies Following a recent surge in smoking bans across many other cruise lines, Royal Caribbean is the latest cruise line to ban smoking from all balconies. Effective January 1, 2014, Royal Caribbean will ban all smoking on balconies throughout the fleet. Smoking was already banned inside all staterooms, but the new ban will designate Royal Caribbean’s accommodations as completely smoke free. Any guest found violating the new ban on smoking will be fined $250 to cover the deep clean the stateroom would have to undergo. Smoking onboard Royal Caribbean ships is also banned in all public areas except for Casino Royale. According to Royal Caribbean, “Cigarette, cigar, e-cigarette and pipe smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas of the starboard side of all ships; with the exception of Oasis-class ships that will allow smoking on the port side of the ships.†Recently, Disney, Cunard, P&O banned smoking on all balconies throughout their fleets. Windstar Cruises banned smoking on certain balconies on the line’s older ships. As of now, Carnival and Norwegian are the only two remaining major cruise lines who haven’t banned smoking from their fleet’s balconies. Royal Caribbean has stated the change in policy was “made to provide a comfortable cruise for everyone.†http://www.cruisecurrents.com/2013/09/04/royal-caribbean-bans-smoking-on-balconies/
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