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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all! First time cruiser here so apologies if this is a silly question. Could someone help with suggestions/options on whether it is worth booking an actual transfer from the cruise port (Fort lauderdale) to our hotel (Trump international in sunny Beach, miami) or is it simple/efficient enough to just grab an uber on the day? Any help is appreciated! TIA, Ash x
  2. Hello All! We are planning a cruise out of Venice that debarks in Rome and looking for suggestions and recommendations for transportation from: VCE>Hotel in Venice Hotel>Port Port>Hotel in Rome Hotel>FCO Thanks in advance!
  3. Scenario Freedom of the Seas 12/6/20 - 12/13/20 I booked the following rooms under my account and paid the down payment for all rooms on the same card. Spacious Balcony Room #1 - Myself, Wife, Son, Daughter #1 Spacious Balcony Room #2 - Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, Daughter #2 Spacious Balcony Room #3 - Aunt-in-law The in-laws are all over 70 years old and have pre-existing health conditions and do not feel comfortable sailing any longer. They would like to cancel their reservations. My family would still like to sail, and understand that we need to book a larger room or multiple rooms to accommodate the 5 of us. The issue is, RCL will not allow us to transfer the non-refundable down payment from rooms #2 and #2 to room #1 (or whatever room(s) we choose when Daughter #2 joins us). RCL will only issue the credits to the names of the individuals in the rooms. Has anyone been through this process or had any luck? I don't see why the funds can't be transferred to me since I paid them all in one payment from my card under my account.
  4. So when we booked the cruise we purchased the Royal Caribbean round trip airport transfer. Our flight doesn’t leave until 4:45pm and my husband and I would like to explore old town San Juan. Any suggestions on the best way of doing this? Do we just not do the airport transfer and get a taxi instead? Can we explore San Juan and get the RC transfer later in the day? Should we take the airport transfer right after disembarking and store our luggage at airport and then take taxi from airport to explore San Juan and back? I have no idea what I’m doing as this is our first cruise. Any suggestions welcome! Thank you!!
  5. We are sailing Anthem for Thanksgiving and will be booking a car for 5 with Dial7 or Carmel to and from the port. I'd like to book now, but husband says wait until 30 days out. I'm afraid they won't have availability then. When is it too late to book with them?
  6. Hello All, My flights should be coming available in less than a month for our late October cruise. We are based out of Orlando, but can get an early morning flight to FLL for very inexpensive, plus on Southwest so free baggage, woot! Also, if something were to happen with our flight, we could still make it to the port in enough time driving, which is why I am not going down the night before. A few questions, what is the best thing about Transfers? Do they wait for you if there is a delay? Also, can you get a one-way transfer? Also, at fort lauderdale airport do they have any place where you can store your luggage? It looks like our flight out wont be until 6pm (a rental car would be the same price). I know I should be able to check my luggage ahead of time. But what about carry ons? Any tips, advice or anything are greatly appreciate.
  7. Hi, I'm new to the Forum - Sorry if this has been asked already but, how is the best way to get from MCO to Port Canaveral? My family and I will be cruising on the Freedom of the Seas in April for a 7 night Western Caribbean Cruise. My wife and I cruised twice before on RCCL (Navigator - 5/05 and 4/06 - yes, it's been a while!) but this will be the first cruise for my 6yr old son and 8yr old girl. This will be our first cruise out of Port Canaveral (cruised previously out of Miami), and have plans to fly in the night before to MCO, and will stay overnight at the Country Inn & Suites at Cape Canaveral. The hotel has a shuttle to the Port, but am debating on whether to hire a private limo (VIP Limo?), rent a car one-way (Hertz is right next door to our hotel), or rent a car for the week and leave it at the hotel. For the return leg, we fly out of MCO same day we get back into Port, but is an early afternoon flight (2:45p). Thoughts? Thanks for all the help in advance!
  8. Hey all, I'm cruising on September 21 out of Galveston. There will be 5 of us and I'm looking for affordable transportation from IAH to Galveston on the 20th. I've looked up various taxi fares, shuttles, car rentals, and cruise transfers, all ranging from $290+ round-trip. I've found a 10 passenger shuttle for $350 round-trip. Is there anyone else looking for transportation that knows of better deals or interested in splitting shuttle costs? Thanks!
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