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  1. So; Room #1 - Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, Son, Daughter #1 Room #2 - Myself, Wife, Daughter #2 Room #3 - Aunt-in-law Cancel rooms 2 and 3, therefore myself, wife, and daughter #2 receive credits. Call later to switch myself and wife into room #1, therefore the down payment remains in room #1 and my wife and I bring our credit with us. Then switch to a larger room and add daughter #2 who also brings credit with her. Only out the down payment for room #3. Am I reading this correctly?
  2. We are before final payment, but the in-laws do NOT want to cruise at all any longer. Therefore, when they cancel, they would lose the non-refundable down payment as they do not wish to carry it as a credit. RCL is telling me that the if cancellation credit goes into the individuals name that is on the room, not who paid it. Which is why this upsets me, as I paid the deposit on the same charge as mine form the same card. I would think that if the in-laws do not want to sail any longer, that the "credit" could go under my name since I was the one who paid for it.
  3. Scenario Freedom of the Seas 12/6/20 - 12/13/20 I booked the following rooms under my account and paid the down payment for all rooms on the same card. Spacious Balcony Room #1 - Myself, Wife, Son, Daughter #1 Spacious Balcony Room #2 - Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, Daughter #2 Spacious Balcony Room #3 - Aunt-in-law The in-laws are all over 70 years old and have pre-existing health conditions and do not feel comfortable sailing any longer. They would like to cancel their reservations. My family would still like to sail, and understand that we need to book a larger room or multiple rooms to accommodate the 5 of us. The issue is, RCL will not allow us to transfer the non-refundable down payment from rooms #2 and #2 to room #1 (or whatever room(s) we choose when Daughter #2 joins us). RCL will only issue the credits to the names of the individuals in the rooms. Has anyone been through this process or had any luck? I don't see why the funds can't be transferred to me since I paid them all in one payment from my card under my account.
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