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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I have recently been looking into the various Credit Card / OBC / Stocks / Casino Rewards (other?) options offered by Royal / Celebrity. What is the most useful option or combination of programs to earn discounts/ credits / and the illusive 'Free Cruise'? May your ship lead you to warm sands, TwoCanSailAway
  2. When you have OBC in your cruise planner is it any different from one you may receive on board from a TA or something? If i don't use it before my cruise does it just cross over for while I am on board? Also, does anyone ever get random OBC and not know how? I had 150 that I got from when I booked and a week later I magically have 250. Im not complaining! Just wanted to know if it happened to others.
  3. Has anyone else had mystery OBC posted to their CP accounts ? This morning, while doing my morning perusal, I noted $100 OBC show available on 3 of my upcoming cruises: Serenade, May 23, Allure, Nov. 13 and Symphony, Dec. 31. In all 3 of these cruises, the "OBC banner" popped up and said that I had $100 OBC available. I did not spend any of it...prices are "up" at the moment, but if they are still there when the next "sale" starts, I am going to gobble it up !! Needless to say, no, I have not applied any OBC to any of these cruises myself. They just mysteriously appeared this morning.
  4. Hey there. Sharing my Q&A with Royal here, in case this helps someone decide. This is targeted only to those with cruises canceled just this week (the ones that went thru May 12) and were offered to have their Cruise Planner purchases given back in OBC as opposed to refunded.
  5. I have a lot of credits and so I want to use some of them for others in my group of friends. I want to buy an internet package for one of my friends in another stateroom - can I use my credits for this ie I do not want to spend my credits and then find I am stuck with the internet package as I do not want it
  6. Hello All, I realized today that we have $75 OBC and everytime I look at the cruise planner, the price that is shown is showed with the OBC taken off. If we wanted to be able to book the drink package without using our OBC (I want to get a few merch items on board). How would I go about doing that? Do I need to call Royal? Do I need to have my TA call Royal? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi! Does anyone know if the Bring A Friend Reward is applicable when mye friend (1 cruise, Gold level) is bringing me (0 cruises, no level) on a cruise? It definitely would have been if I booked my own stateroom, but we're sharing. Does she only get OBC for each stateroom extra that RCI sell, not each extra person onboard? We were not able to put in our info in the Bring A Friend online form, but we don't know if that is because of the joint booking ref. number or some other problem. Can anyone advice us on if there would be any use in contacting RCI directly? :) Our Best, Nina & Camilla
  8. We're new to RC, but own RCI stock for years... can we get the OBC?
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