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    kwilly reacted to Matt in The Benefits of Using a TA   
    The value for a TA to me is the time they save me, especially when there is a problem that needs to be fixed.  There have been a few times RC has messed something up on their own, including accidently cancelling my entire reservation for a group cruise.  I alerted my TA that I had gotten an email about something being cancelled and they spent hours on the phone with RC to fix it and to get me some bonus OBC for the trouble.  That is what makes a TA so helpful.  
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    kwilly reacted to coneyraven in Booking next cruise   
    Whatever promotion Royal Caribbean is offering to the public would be applied, the real upside though is the reduced deposit AND onboard credit ......
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    kwilly reacted to CowboyMedic in Booking next cruise   
    We booked our next cruise while we were on our first cruise. We got $200 OBC and a reduced deposit of $200 for a 7 night cruise.
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    kwilly reacted to DocLC in Booking next cruise   
    I've only done it once as the booking bonus simply want enough to bother with. However, on our Baltics cruise, it amounted to $225, which was worth it. For $50, it's not worth the hassle or living in a non refundable deposit.
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    kwilly reacted to RestingBird in Booking next cruise   
    Slightly off subject...
    You can book your excursions for a cruise you already have planned (depending on how far out it is), and receive a discount. We were onboard in April and booked some of our Oct excursions for 10% off.
    So, you could book your next cruise, then head over to the shore excursions desk and ask about booking some excursions before debarkation.
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    kwilly reacted to DocLC in ROYAL CARIBBEAN changing drinks packages!   
    Even the new Replenish package is beyond my threshold with a $4 per day increase. I do like the coffee card, though; that's a nice, new option with good value.
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    kwilly reacted to rjac in Booking next cruise   
    We booked on board once and was able to get an aft cabin which overlooked the butt end of the ship with panoramic views of the ports we left as well as the open ocean and the ships wake. That was the biggest incentive for us. Haven't been that lucky since. 
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