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  1. Expedia is considered a travel agent. Royal will not match travel agent deals and promos. You can only get a price adjustment if your actual cruise fare through Royal has dropped. It is easy to find out. Just give them a call and ask them to check pricing for you to see if there is a drop. If there is, and you have not made final payment, and you live in North America, they can adjust quickly for you.
  2. Intercontinental Miami...always. Bay view room.
  3. It is already being discussed on this thread. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/20908-norwegian-cancels-sailings-through-the-end-of-october/ Please try to stay on topic with each thread. This is one is about FCC application.
  4. I have one kid older than 12. YMMV. They are more flexible with them the last few months.
  5. Do not apply the FCC until final payment! Once applied, it changes the bottom line and it will make it hard for price adjustments if the price drops on your cruise.
  6. Same info as @twangster, when we lost our March sailing, our FCCs came back divided equally by 4. I was a bit alarmed because up to this point, it has always been only able to be used in the person's name only and passenger 1&2 always pay more. Anyway, my awesome TA told me not to worry at all. Since cancellations rolled out, they have bent the rules a bit and as long as it's the same 4 people (or whatever amount was on the original reservation) redeeming it on the another booking, then they will just roll it all together. Fast forward to May when I made final payment for my now cancel
  7. Yes, it's a fun little system that @Matt came out with a few years ago.
  8. That is quite the upgrade! Awesome!
  9. This was my point a few days ago. So many “rumours” going around these days. The real answer is that nobody truly will know until actual sailings resume. Royal said reduced capacities but there aren’t specifics as to what that might look like. Any posts where someone “heard it from Royal” should all be taken with a grain of salt. We’ll know if it’s actual fact if @Matt posts it in the blog. He works hard to maintain it so that it’s current and accurate. Glad to hear that your sailing has a full range of cabin options.
  10. Most ships that are not Oasis or Quantum class are like this.
  11. No CK or lofts lol kidding. I would take a cruise on just about any ship at the moment. Any cruise is a good cruise, as long as you go in with the right expectations. Don't sail Majesty and expect Oasis class and it will be perfectly fine!
  12. It's definitely possible to L&S and go from non-OA class to OA class and get the additional suite benefits. I've heard of quite a few like this already. The best one was still the one where someone went from the RL on Indy to the RLS on Oasis. Extra benefits and a way better room! I think at first they were really strict with what they were Lift and Shifting but it seems that the more time that goes by, the more lenient they have become. Good luck with yours.
  13. I blame @WAAAYTOOO And definitely go from Sky to Star, you will be greatly disappointed the other way around. Star will spoil you for life. It truly is the point of no return lol.
  14. Forgot to answer this question: Crown Lofts are not star class. Out of the lofts on Oasis, the following are Star: Royal Loft x 1 , Owners Panoramic x 1, Grand Panoramic x 1, Star Loft x 2.
  15. Depends on your preferences. Some people like to people watch and in that case, back view is best. Some people prefer the privacy and ocean views. In that case, side is best. Port is not better than starboard or vice versa. We have done both sides and find them the same. No noise from the WJ that I have ever experience, but I have heard some complain of noise from CK if you choose the loft next to it. Last thing to keep in mind is your own privacy. With the ones facing the back, those on Deck 16 below can see you clearly when you are out on the balcony, just like you can see th
  16. Our backyard is completely flat and open as well. There is (or was now lol) just grass. We had the perfect set up. D11 has always wanted a pool but funds kept going towards cruising which she loves just as much as I do. However, with no cruising this year and maybe even next, we decided to YOLO and do it. Truthfully, if you are really wanting to, you should get on it now. Many places are already booking into next spring... Also, the cool down vs. heat up idea, our "hot tub" is actually a spillover spa that will be connected to the pool. We can heat it or it can have the same temp a
  17. It’s ok. That cabana will be a while still
  18. Message me when you make your way to our part of Canada lol.
  19. Same! I seriously feel you pain. This summer is our first staycation in I don’t even remember how long. It feels weird. Our solution? Desperate times and too long in dry dock make you do crazy things. With nowhere to go, we are building a pool, hot tub, and cabana right in our backyard! All inspired by Oasis Lagoon of course. Excavation just happened two days ago. You can take the cruise away from the girl, but you cannot take away the love.
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