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  1. @bossdog421 In the floating cabana, what is the area with the door?
  2. Showed D11 your post just after you posted it. Her response was, "They better fix it! Popcorn on Royal is one of my favourite things." I will pass along the good news!
  3. I was wondering the same thing today. @Matt any info on this?
  4. Doesn't look too crowded. Do you happen to know what the max number is that they allow into the Beach Club?
  5. Welcome to the message boards @Zorak!
  6. I have to ask...does it actually float or it the cabana still in the water?
  7. Send an email to: web_reservations@rccl.com
  8. Yes, but they are awful and not very powerful. I always bring my own.
  9. If you are not changing ship or sail dates, there should not be a fee to downgrade. Refundable or non-refundable, it doesn’t matter. You are not cancelling the reservation. Just changing cabins. At least that is my experience with it. As far as it is worth it to do so, that is a personal choice. If it were me, and it’s Enchantment that I was sailing, I would keep the JS.
  10. You picked a great night to try CK!! That menu with the Short Rib is one of my favourites!! 😋
  11. That is a good point. When she gets to the higher grades it is harder to pull her out.
  12. @constable145 good to see you back on the message boards! I have no advice for you here with AO. We’re at the opposite end where my 11, almost 12 year old is upset that now she has to wait another year before she can go to the teen club with her sister. Are you sailing Oasis soon? March break is coming up. 😉
  13. If it's your first Royal cruise, I would pick Oasis hands down. It offers way more than Navigator in terms of dining, entertainment and overall venues. We are not big beach people, so Coco Cay doesn't really appeal to us that much. I suppose if you were big on beaches, that might sway you.
  14. Definitely in the “wait at the podium to be seated” camp.
  15. Except we will just miss you both times. 😥
  16. On your sailing, did they run this show Night 1? We are going to try to catch it the first night.
  17. Haha...my app for March 15 also says that CK is closed on Day 1. Also, I saw in another post that someone sailing in February also has CK as closed on Day 1. I am going to assume it is a glitch. @Rags1 (he's on board right now) tells me that there is nothing to worry about. 😉
  18. I’m the other way, Oasis in 46, Adventure in 168. 😊
  19. No way! I am not a fan of 150 either but I would still dine there any day over WJ! We are planning to do it once. I want the Garden martini, Lobster Thermidor, and fried cheesecake.
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