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  1. Correct, but you have to add him as a traveller first, then you can fill out of form for the both of you.
  2. You are absolutely right. Canadian here, and ArriveCAN is a pain. That being said, I know it doesn’t matter to you, but once the traveller info is saved, it’s a piece of cake. The first time we used it it took forever entering all the info they asked for (which I agree is redundant). All the following times I’ve used it (with saved info) it takes only a few minutes.
  3. I would say that answer is going to vary depending on Royal IT. We've been D+ for a while and we have no pin, no emails from Royal, definitely no emails from Celebrity lol, last week on Anthem, we couldn't even get our D+ welcome amenity....
  4. I second that. We have been blessed to have taken 3 star classes cruises since December 2021, and all 3 Genie experiences have been pretty close to pre-covid (with the exception of them having to wear a mask). ^^^This
  5. This is Hubby's favourite perk! lol Each sailing he makes us all take photos just for the free photo, and every sailing since making Diamond a while ago, we come home with two more. I don't even know where to put these photos now. The one shelf I started is starting to overflow.
  6. Yeah, that was not really the response from Royal I was hoping for either. And who knows how long it will take for the CDC to provide guidance.
  7. Not sure if this is a formal response, but Royal did update their site yesterday to this: CDC Guidance for Cruises Departing the U.S. On July 18, the U.S. CDC announced that the COVID-19 Program for Cruise Ships is no longer in effect. Going forward, the CDC will continue to publish guidance for the cruise industry. We are waiting for these revised recommendations, which we expect in the coming days. Upon review, we will adjust our current protocols and provide guidance to our guests. For now, our current protocols remain in effect for cruises departing U.S. homeports. See current protocols.
  8. Trust me, Hubby would way rather have had your afternoon tea. Lol After looking at your pics, if I ever go back to London, I really need to block off time to go to Windsor Castle.
  9. I have already directed her to this post. That's me remember? I am a troll. Only knew one answer. Walking tour looks fun. We debated between doing this on our last London day. In the end, afternoon tea and toy stores won. lol
  10. As @Matthas stated many times, this is not the forum to discuss the efficacy of masking and vaccines. Please keep the discussion on topic.
  11. Do you mean would I test myself regardless of the cruise line policy? Pre-covid I never got a complete health test before I went on vacation, I don’t test myself before I leave my house each day, so would I test before a cruise if the policy no longer requires it? I guess time will tell. I really don’t know at this point.
  12. It’s not bad if I was driving to the port. But link in air+hotel, I find it stressful having to cancel all that at the last minute. I should clarify that it’s not the testing itself that I find stressful, it is the possibility of testing positive two days before.
  13. That is why I want the pre-cruise testing to end so badly. 4 cruises since the re-start and the “Will I test positive and need to cancel?” is so stressful.
  14. Please let Royal be next! lol At least for short sailings....
  15. Louder, further away from suite lounge and CK, out of Galveston, not an amped ship, suite not refurbished, those are some of the reasons why it’s cheaper than others. Still, star class is star class, congrats on the booking and the great price!
  16. Yes. Our Genie that we had in March 2022 would not return a reply for days. He turned out to be one of my favourites. How fast they respond is not a good indicator of what they will be like onboard (from my own personal experience).
  17. At the gate now. They just announced boarding in 10mins time. Hubby has been taken to another area for a random “special search” Looks like they are just searching through all his carry on items in detail, I hope.
  18. Well we are now at T3 in LHR waiting for a gate to be posted. They will not post the gate until an hour before departure. How can I describe the chaos that is T3 at LHR? The train ride from T5 (where Sofitel is) to T3 was quick and easy. Things started to go wonky when we went to check our bags. Because we are Canadian citizens, but flying into DTW, there was a slight delay as the ticket agent explained that their system doesn’t allow them to check off that we are just passing through the US, and their is no address that we are staying at. I already anticipated this would be a hold up because yesterday when I was doing the online check in, it wouldn’t let us check Hubby in online. And when I was filling in the contact tracing, it would not let me check that I am passing through and not remaining in the US. Anyway, after explaining to the ticket agent that our car is parked at DTW and we drive back to Canada from there, they said all is good and boarding passes were printed. I told them that as long as there is no trouble at the gate, we are all good. Next came the part where everything you see on the news lately (about LHR) is true. Massive lines to get from checking your luggage to security. The line was wrapped around to the outside, 5 lines deep. Hubby took a pic but the pic doesn’t truly show the craziness here. Once you make it into the part of the line that is inside the terminal, it’s about another 75-90 mins to actually get to the security check point. As the ever optimist (glass is half full person), Hubby said at least there are lots of staff directing the crowds, which there was. Our flight is scheduled to depart at 12:55pm. Last night before bed, the family discussed what time we should get to T3. In normal times, 3 hours is the general guideline for international flights. I told them that news about LHR has not been the greatest. We decided to give ourselves 4 hours and we left our hotel room at 8:30am this morning. Thank goodness we did. It is now just past 11:00am and we are relaxed and waiting for our gate, praying that our flight does not get cancelled. All is on time for now. Fingers crossed. In other news, lots of reports from our FB roll call group this morning and last night of people getting home and testing positive for covid. Not great news for FR coming up.
  19. We were laughing at the reports on TV yesterday while chilling at the hotel re: the heat wave. Where we are in Ontario, I work in a non-air conditioned school, with a class full of 13 year olds, in over 40°C (100°F) some days in June.
  20. I love the lofts and Deck 17! The only disadvantage I can think of is if you have mobility issues and cannot get up/down the stairs well.
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