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  1. @Pookie Oasis is due to sail back into Miami (from her charter sailing) around 7pm. Maybe you will catch it live if you are in the area!
  2. If OBC is available to be used in your cruise planner, it will show up in your cruise planner when you log in. If it is not there, then you likely have to wait till you get on board. It will show up in your account once you board.
  3. These are all your options for Day 1 lunch. Taken from a recent cruise compass in the “cruise compass” section here.
  4. I can’t wait for @Pookie to get on board too! Feels like a long time coming! 🙂
  5. Some OBCs from travel agents are only for use on board. The ones given by Royal, you can use on cruise planner purchases. You will see it in your cruise planner (at the top) if it is available.
  6. There will definitely be pics and we’ll see about the video. I have yet to decide if I want to scope or not this sailing. Don’t hesitate to let me know if there is something specific that you are looking for.
  7. Ah...Intercontinental Miami!!! Love that place!
  8. You can count on that! I will be having lunch and dinner there at some point and that Spiked Palmer might be calling me.
  9. Generally yes, unless you are dealing with @Matt. Even after Patron shots, he would not agree to Allure 03/14/2021. 😥
  10. I cannot wait to hear about what your thoughts on Anthem are. Happy to have you along, pre/post cruise!
  11. Same! @Ogilthorpe don't leave us hanging! You need to elaborate on whatever this tip was. 😉
  12. I have not seen it again since the time I used it. That was January-February 2018. So I'm going to say once in a lifetime. @WAAAYTOOO might remember more. She was the one who brought it to my attention in the first place.
  13. About a month and a half ago, or maybe two now, the Royal app glitched out and showed me this for Night 1 in Coastal Kitchen: Not sure what this travesty is all about (Night 1 is Filet Night in CK, my favourite) but it appears that others sailing on Oasis in February and March also came across the same thing. I was only mildly worried and I was pretty sure I would not have to resort to drastic measures as I mentioned in @Rags1's blog. Turns out, Izzy got back to us and confirmed that @Rags1's source is good. Filet Night is good to go! 😋 @Ogilthorpe I will see you there! Don't miss it!
  14. After receiving the initial email, we sent back our reply that evening in the form of a Word doc. Pretty basic stuff. Just outlining the restaurants that we want to eat at and the shows that we want to see. Also, we noted some standing orders that we wanted for each day. Not celebrating anything so nothing too fancy. Already impressed and off to a good start. Izzy has responded back in less than 24hrs with a whole working schedule and everything already! FYI...the one-day thermal spa pass is still complimentary on Oasis. I did not ask, he offered. Yet another inconsistency between ships. And he obviously read our survey because his email response back noted things that I only mentioned on the survey.
  15. Genie email (initial contact) In at 38 days out. Random observations from the initial email… It is way shorter than the one from Araceli last year on HM. No mention of Labadee Barefoot Beach cabanas. In the past, this has been standard on the welcome emails from the suite concierge and Genies.
  16. The good news is that we won the Genie lottery! (or so we've been told 🤗)
  17. Waiting for the initial Genie email after submitting the survey sort of feels like this...
  18. Star Class Pre-Cruise Questionnaire Via email at 48 days out. Random observations... At 48 days out, it was a bit later than last year. One question is gone, "Apple or Android? What model?" One question is new, "How can we make your on-board experience amazing?" My link from last March still works and brings me to the same "new" questionnaire. So theoretically, those of you who did not receive the survey in a timely manner (and are really Type A like me lol), could probably use the link from a past one. Apologies for the large photos...
  19. Who’s Going? The usual crew: Hubby, our 2 girls (D11, D13), and myself. Flight Our plan is to fly from DTW to FLL the day before. Flying to Miami was $100 more per person. With a $400 price difference, we decided we could take Lyft to Miami and still save. We learned a huge lesson from last Spring Break in that the 60-90 day rule to airfare does not apply at this time of the year. We took a gamble and grabbed these tickets upon release, 11 months out, and in tracking this flight over the months, I am happy to report that we made the right call. The price never dropped below what I paid, and it has almost doubled since. Pre-Cruise Stay This one was heavily debated. We are holding two hotel reservations and cannot decide. Do we stay in Fort Lauderdale and visit our beloved La Bamba, or do we stay at the Intercontinental Miami and show our kids the hotel that we love and offers the most gorgeous Bay views? Itinerary This 7-night, Eastern Caribbean sailing, brings us to St. Thomas, San Juan, and Labadee. Currently, the only port we have plans for is San Juan. Taking our kids to visit El Morro this time as the weather should be more bearable than when we went on the Anthem GC last summer. Cabin Trying out the ATS on Deck 9. The girls are excited for their own bedroom, I am withholding my opinion for now. The suite snob is slightly out of her comfort zone once again as Deck 9 is a bit far from Deck 17. Pre-Cruise thoughts We are beyond excited to see the newly amped Oasis of the Seas. We have not sailed her since her inaugural back in 2009! No pre-cruise purchases because it’s Star Class. In addition to the Toronto Maple Leafs and Star Wars, Hubby loves Back to the Future, so we’re pretty interested in the new Aqua 80 show, especially after seeing pictures by @twangster. Once again, in the spirit of a live blog, please do not hesitate to ask any questions. I will do my best to find out whatever I can for you. When responding to a post with a series of pictures, please do not include the pictures in your reply. It just makes for easier scrolling.
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