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  1. That sailing is my Plan B that I currently have a refundable deposit on. I have yet to try Navigator so we figured we might as well if we can get out of Canada by November...
  2. Well they did tell her, "You know she is double booked right?" πŸ˜† But yes, as long as you don't mind your deposit money being tied up, then it's fine.
  3. All jokes aside, don't let this awful pandemic deter you from trying SC again in the future. It really is as wonderful as it seems, and then some.
  4. There is a running joke that SC service ends at the curb. πŸ˜†
  5. We lost our Star class sailing too during the very first round of cancellations. We were due to sail March 15th. I just got my FCC/taxes/fees/cruise planner refund back last Monday 5/04. Almost two months! SC service does not apply when you're not on the ship lol
  6. Always TA the last few years. Thank goodness for her! I'm losing track and she is right on top of it lol. And correction, I actually have 4 double bookings. I forgot that I have Odyssey/Navigator booked for November right now. Navigator is supposed to be my Plan B if the inaugural falls through. See what I mean about losing track lol.
  7. I think so. As long as cash flow (because your deposit will be tied up) is not an issue, you will get it back. I have 3 right now double booked: March 2021 (I have Allure and Odyssey booked), July 2021 (Anthem and Brilliance), and August 2021 (Symphony and Liberty). Starting to lose track lol.
  8. More like β€œconfused and trying to ease the pain” 🀣😩
  9. Yes! I have 3 (double bookings) of those going on right now! Lol.
  10. They can πŸ’― reprice a sold out room category. I always do this. The FCC though, that is another story. Look at your confirmation and see what the base fare is after you applied your FCC. If your price drop is lower than that, it should not be an issue. However, if not, then you might not have much luck.
  11. Generally, as a rule of thumb, I never apply an FCC until final payment. Reason is that it affects re-pricing big time. In the past, when I apply an FCC, it changes the actual cruise fare paid, so when the price drops, it messes up the price drop because it will show that you paid less than the price drop itself. I'm not explaining it well at all but, yes, it is a big deal.
  12. We used $2034 of FCC on our cancelled March 15th sailing. We got that amount rolled back in a new FCC set to expire December 2021.
  13. I think that with Cruise with Confidence, you have the flexibility to book it and cancel later and get your whole deposit back as FCC. As long as you don't mind putting down the deposit and you could use the FCC down the road, I don't see any harm in that. That is what I plan on doing.
  14. After reading the last page of posts, I guess I should be grateful that my FCC is only short $352 lol...πŸ˜• This whole thing is getting crazy....
  15. We are booked on Odyssey's inaugural and after the news this week, I have a bad feeling as well. That led me to do some looking (as I really do want to sail Odyssey sooner rather than later), and I ended up booking the 8 night on Odyssey 03/12/2021. Now, I did say to a friend yesterday that might be cancelled too depending on how long Odyssey gets delayed for but that is way too far off to predict right now. Fortunately for us, we are able to put down the deposit and hold it for now and as @Neesa said, let it play out. So at the moment, I am holding two bookings for that week in March. Allure (which I was originally booked for that week but now disappointed that she won't be amped) and Odyssey (in case that inaugural doesn't go through as planned). I am hoping that by December (final payment time) we will have a more clear picture of what this will look like. At the same time, I also grabbed the 8 night on Brilliance that you are talking about, but for July. I too have been wanting to head back the the Southern Caribbean and the July itinerary on Brilliance has St. Lucia as a port of call. This is also my Plan B in case I decide not to go the Norway GC. I have always been a book cruises way in advance person, but this is getting crazy. I am starting to lose track of all the Plan A, B, C, Ds that I am juggling at the moment lol.
  16. We cancelled 3/10 for our 3/15 sailing. We just got our excursion money back this past week. I think it was Thursday. So 5/7. πŸ˜•
  17. @Ampurp85 I learned something new this week from a fellow blog insider. I have always thought that the policy was that the FCC would be issued in the name of the passenger, however, a fellow blog insider this week had some luck otherwise. One of her sailings got cancelled (she paid for everything) and they had their son's friend on the booking with them. She was concerned that the friend's portion of the FCC would be useless to them as they would not be bringing this friend on future cruises. Anyway, to make a long story short, she called and pleaded her case and Royal issued the FCC back to them, not the friend. So you might want to call and try your luck...worth a shot.
  18. I just took another look at that one and I am so sad, it's not going to work for me either. I would miss my daughter's birthday so that's not going to go well. FCC it is...I might take it and book the 8 night Brilliance S.Caribbean sailing instead. That's in July as well.
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