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  1. PSA: Please do not re-list cruises that have already been added to the list. Check the list first before posting. **New listings and changes only please and thank you. 😉
  2. Matt and the entire Royal Caribbean Blog community he created is a huge benefit for all of us. We are a family. And we need to stick together in times like this. Well said, @SpeedNoodles. Here is how to support @Matt and this community: https://www.patreon.com/RoyalCaribbeanBlog
  3. Update: This is frustrating as there are people on my roll call page saying that they just spoke to Royal this morning and they are getting the 125% FCC even though they cancelled earlier this week. I am still waiting for word back on mine...
  4. There are many people on my roll call group saying that the 125% applies to all bookings within that time frame, including those that cancelled a few days early like us. They all have confirmation from their TAs supposedly. Again, hearsay, but something for you to go on.
  5. Yes me!! @WannaCruiseI am currently trying to find out the same thing, if I get back 125%. I was sailing 03/15 like you and cancelled on Tuesday. The additional 25% is significant so I would go a long way...and I never got the email from them yesterday. I only got my cruise planner cancellations on Wednesday.
  6. Taking my FCC all the way to the biggest cabin on the ship! RLS here we come! 08/23/2020!
  7. Either way, it makes my mom feel better about canceling. She was really disappointed last week when they made the decision as they were really looking forward to the itinerary.
  8. My parents were supposed to be on this sailing.
  9. Mine was gone last night, a few hours after cancellation.
  10. Trust me, I factored that into consideration! 😂 In the end, the call of Deck 17 won out.
  11. I just said to Hubby last night that we will not know about your message now. Too funny! Maybe whoever gets the Royal Up will find it.
  12. At least 7-10 business days. I would expect longer during this period as they are swamped.
  13. We plan to hit the local Mexican and BBQ restaurants and there is talk of finally building the LEGO Death Star. I'll be watching videos of 1740. 😄
  14. Next cruise is July, this blog will continue in August. It’s going to be an awesome summer!
  15. It has been a crazy few days. Lots of back and forth between go and don’t go. Ultimately, a few things sealed the deal for us. Never were we worried about the virus on the ship. I am still of the mindset that the ship is likely one of the cleanest places at the moment. Quarantine on the ship was also an afterthought, because how bad could it be in the ATS? What really made us re-think over the last few days was the possibility of being further quarantined in Trenton (military base). That is where they are taking all the Canadians on the Princess ships. That does not sound like a great time. Yesterday, Delta also waived change fees for all travel this month, and Royal revised their “Cruise with Confidence” policy in that we would get back our FCC that we redeemed for this sailing. So really, we would lose nothing by not going. It was beginning to get harder to justify going. The ultimate deal breaker is that Plan B, was better than Plan A. This blog is officially, “To be continued...” in 166 days. We are sad, but at the same, for the hockey people out there, we feel like we just won the Stanley Cup of cruising! When one door closes, another one opens. 😉
  16. No clue what that means. By "tea snob", I mean that I will only drink organic and a particular brand. 🙂
  17. Still on the fence but the packing has begun. You all know that on top of being a “suite snob” I am also a “tea snob” right? And it’s good to be prepared in case of quarantine. 😂
  18. Harmony also made a change to their itinerary today. Also going to Costa Maya and Cozumel instead.
  19. Yes. For next week’s sailing that we are both on, bids went up by almost $700 in one category.
  20. Not sure what the doc for the Villa will look like. That one might be a bit more complex. The one we sent last year and this year just included a list of the shows we wanted to watch, restaurants we wanted to eat at, activities that we wanted to sign up for (ex. Cupcake class, bridge tours, sushi class, etc.), and initially boarding day "wants" (snacks, certain items that we want stocked in the room, etc.).
  21. Single digit dance update: 9 days out and this is the most unsettling single digit dance we have ever done. Today we find ourselves very uncertain of what next week will hold. Never fear though when you are a Type A planner like me. 😜 In the past hour, I have put 5 cruises on hold as a Plan B, C, D, E, and F. Thank goodness for fantastic travel agents who work tirelessly at all hours. So hopefully this blog continues on, or it may be on hold for a while....stay tuned.
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